Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Easy and Best Gift Ever!

It is 2 frigid-degrees out here which reminded me of one of my all time favorite things: the corn filled heat pack. I have sent these to many people; my sister and her girls, my mom, my son-in-law, who took it out to sea on a 4 month naval tour in the Middle East(the other sailors wanted it!), my niece and her room mate at the University of San Francisco (they said they are surprised their microwave hasn't exploded from non-stop use); some seriously ill friends, whom these gave non-stop comfort. This is,by far,the most used and appreciated gift I have given.

If you can make a pillow, you can make a corn filled heat pack. Use whatever fabric you desire or cut up an old sheet,towel or table cloth.I found the darling vintage-style Christmas fabric at JoAnn's for half price. Make whatever size you desire as long as it will fit in your microwave.I have often wished I could make a body-sized heat pack that I could lie on but I still haven't found a big enough microwave. Stitch right sides together and leave about a 1 inch hole to pour in the corn. Use a tight stitch to hold the corn in better. Turn right side out.

Haul over a 10 or 50 lb bag of feed corn and load up your "pillow". I pay under 10 dollars for a 50 lb. bag and I manage to use it all. You can get 10 lbs for a couple of bucks and the ability to carry it yourself. Don't use your Orville Redenbacher corn kernals; they will pop all over the place and burn up your bag. Don't accidentally take home dried corn cobs like I once did; not comfy. Be sure you ask for FEED CORN.
When your bag is pretty full of corn, yet flexible, whip stitch the opening to close.Sometimes, I sprinkle in lavender flowers for aroma-therapy.
Put it in the microwave for a couple of minutes. You will learn just how long you can leave it in the microwave, to the second, before it gets too hot. My corn heat packs stay warm most of the night; better than a water bottle, better than a rice-filled bag.
Put it on your ice-cold feet, rather than putting your ice-cold feet on your hubby! This is a necessity for cramps; along with chocolate, of course.
I have never done this because I love the warmth and haven't yet needed an ice pack, but, put the corn bag in the freezer for a re-usable ice pack; works like frozen peas but better because it doesn't thaw and drip all over you.

Make a few of these for gifts. I guarantee you will have thankful and warm recipients!



sissie said...

Now that's one really kool idea!
I think one of these would be really good for all my aches and pains, so I'm off to get the stuff to make one. Great idea and thanks for sharing.

CC said...

What a wonderful idea. I will be out tomorrow looking for supplies. Thank you so much for the idea..