Sunday, March 28, 2010

Reeses, Finally!


I found this really beautiful calico cat through Lucky Paws Cat Rescue. I had been looking for another rescue cat because of Emmett, our other rescue cat. Emmett is the best cat anyone could ever hope for and I imagined a companion for him. I imagined the 2 cats snuggling together, chasing around and wrestling each other, posing in a sunny window together.

So we brought this pretty 3 year old kitty home. The kitty, who 10 minutes earlier was cuddling and purrring loudly in our arms, shot away from us the second we put her down in our home. We didn’t see her for 3 days. We had search parties with all our kids and their friends. We scoured every nook and cranny; it was if she evaporated into thin air. I thought , maybe ,she got out of the house and was on a journey back to her previous family, because she missed them that much. Her previous family adopted her as a kitten and when they had their own baby 3 years later, they lost interest in her. How sad is that? Worse, I was afraid she was going to die in our house and how would we deal with that tragic event? How would we explain that we rescued a cat to have her die in our home?

I guess hunger eventually causes the most timid to surface. She has been showing up once in awhile for some lovins and kibble. She hisses at poor Emmett who really doesn’t understand why the lady cat doesn’t find him as charming as we do.  I guess we’ll just keep doing what we are doing and hope that she will grow to love us and be comfortable and cozy in her new home.

She looks so serious, doesn’t she? I hope she smiles soon.006 003-1 003

017 020

Friday, March 26, 2010

Pink Saturday~ Pink Easter


pinksatbut It’s another Pink Saturday and, since Spring Break starts today, of course it is snowing in Denver. We are practically guaranteed a huge snow storm as soon as Spring Break begins. It has become a tradition! Spring has always been my favorite season of colors: all variations of pink,yellows, soft greens and blues.007

Here are some sweet ceramic birdies. The large one in front is the softest pink, ever.

005 006 Have you seen these Easter egg wreaths all over the place? The eggs look like decorated chocolate.

Some folks collect Jim Shore. These Easter figures I found in a little shop sure are cute. I like the way the bunnies create the handle of the basket.003 001This is my large chick busting out it’s pink and white polka-dotted shell. The chick looks kind of puzzled as if asking “where am I?”

Now, a shout out to my new friend Mary at Vintage Comfort. She has a really sweet blog with a good message. She also makes the cutest crocheted Easter bunnies and Easter eggs. Wont you stop by and say “hello”. 

Stop by Beverly’s blog too for a link party listing of the sweetest pinks and their owners. There sure are a lot of pink lovers out there! Have fun :)

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Giveaway at Faithfullness Farm

There is a sweet giveaway going on that you really need to check out. Click on the picture to visit an awesome lady who writes about, well, awesome things. She is at Faithfulness Farm and has just made her 100th post.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Thrifty Thursday~Hobby Lobby Frenzy

thriftthursday I love when Hobby Lobby has their 90% off clearance sale. I have managed to hit it a couple of times this year and always have to be careful and not go extreme-crazy shopping. They had a ton of candle sticks and gold-ish decorator pieces. Here is sampling of the goods that I set all over the table when I got home.001 002

Check out all these killer prices. It’s pretty cool to spend 2.50 instead of 25.00 and 4.00 instead of 40.00.003


007 The crown was sitting by itself without a price. When I went through the check out, the cashier said the glass candle holder that the crown perches upon, came through and was sold earlier, so I could have the crown for $2.

008 009

010I lined everything up on my work table outside and rapid-fire blasted them with Heirloom White spray paint. The next day, when the snow had melted, I blasted them a second time. I always miss spots, nooks and crannies on the first go around.011

013They were hauled into the dining room before the snow came back with a vengeance. The thing about Denver is that it can snow like mad one day and the following day the sun comes out and melts it all away with 60+ degree weather. Good thing because I am regularly painting something in the back yard.

I like to decorate with white so much more than the antiqued-gold-ish finish. I may shabby these up with some sand paper and antiquing glaze. Can’t wait to work these into a vignette but I don’t have a plan, yet. Sometimes it just comes together when I start playing around with the pieces.

All in all, I spent about 22.00 including the can of spray paint. For great inspiration, you really need to go over to Bloggaritaville for a list of participants that are showing their Thrifty Thursday treasures.016

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Blue Monday With Rainn Wilson

After taking a Blue Monday off last week, I am back and I sure missed this party! I am always thankful to our dear hostess Sally over at Smiling Sally’s Blogspot. Be sure to skip on over for a great way to start the week, by visiting all the sweet Blue Monday guests.

blue_monday[3] I was scrounging around the house for something blue when my gazed halted on this book on my bookshelf. The series of books about the NO. 1 Ladies Detective Agency are lovely stories centered around Precious Ramotswe and her detective business in the country of Botswana. I have read all the books of this series by Alexander McCall Smith. The stories are amusing, mysterious and full of the culture in this lovely country.

I can’t recall an event in my life where blue shoes brought me happiness but boy did I want a pair of patent leather Go-Go boots when I was in the 4th grade. I didn’t care if they were white, black or brown. At the time, though, I knew a pair would surely bring me happiness!


A couple of weeks ago, I painted this bird cage and shutter aqua. I knew the cage needed some jazzing up and it is now home to a white cast iron bird and a pot of flowers. I think I will be changing it up with other items, fairly often.



Yes, I am star struck and living it through my niece, Claire. Claire is a freshman at the University of San Francisco and took a trip to L.A with some friends. She saw Dwight Shrute, I mean Rainn Wilson from The Office, exiting a Starbucks. Claire has not a shy bone in her body and asked for a pic, which he gladly obliged. The office is one of my favorite shows. Every character is so clearly defined and every character is someone I could have worked with at some point over the years. I can always count on laughing like crazy and cringing like crazy, too, every episode.

And, yes both of their shirts are blue! What about you? Have you ever “run into” a celebrity???


Friday, March 19, 2010

Lassie, Fiber-fill and Burlap Bags-SNS

This is the first time participating in Saturday Nite Specials hosted by Donna of Funky Junk Interiors. This is a fun party to be at for the weekend!

This is a giant 32oz bag of fiberfil, from JoAnn’s, that I keep on hand so I can sew up some pillows and stuff them whenever time lets me. I don’t store it in this frantic mess. It is the scene I came home to.

My 13 year old little dog is named Lassie. She is not a collie; if she was, she wouldn’t be named Lassie, because our family is quirky that way.

Lassie loves her rawhide bones, (and granola bars) and works very hard to find the best hiding places. They are found in the dirty clothes hamper, the clean clothes folded on the bed, under our bed pillow, under the couch cushion, and now this! I thought about leaving it in the fluff as a prize, like the King Cake at Mardi Gras time: whoever gets the baby in their piece of cake wins.007 Over on my bed, Lassie kept her eye on me from her comfy spot on the burlap coffee bean bag. I went to Daz Bog’s coffee for a bold, eye-spinning French roast java and saw all these giant burlap bags.They were on the shelves as back drops for displays. Even before the caffeine hit my brain, I was falling in love with the bags that have all different colors in their designs. I’m picturing pillows and shopping totes, without having to apply the design by paint, stencil or iron-on.008

Check out this stack of bags and guess how much they cost??? Not a dime :) They said they usually just toss them because they get so many. 004

001 Love these colors!003 This one is from the Santa Felish Estate. I’m not sure where that is so ‘I’ll have to Google it.002

009Remember the chaotic pile of fluffy fiber-fil? It’s all inside now. (is the bone?)

These make some seriously gigantic floor or accent pillows. The next ones will be cut into thirds and halves.


011Emmett thinks this is a new scratching post that I made just for him!

Do you have any coffee roasters in your area? If you do, you may want to check out their bags for no cost yet totally in-style burlap.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

White Wednesday-Green Pressure

It’s White Wednesday! While everyone is focused on green, I am focused on white! Visit Kathleen at Faded Charm for a great list of white enthusiasts.032 I am late to post even though it has been on my mind; I haven’t had a moment to spare until now. My whites have a theme. I have a cat, lambs and bunnies; all my favorites. Some people collect pigs, dogs or roosters and I like all of those but it seems I always have cats, lambs and bunnies. The cat above is is a big girl and weighs a ton. I may end up putting her outside to keep watch and enjoy some fresh air. I know she won’t blow away in the strong winds we sometimes get in the Spring.

Here is my sweet little lamb. He is a gentle soul and just lays around.271 These silly bunnies are sharing a secret. I’d better keep an eye on them.027

Lamby’s head shot. 273 Pure white rabbit and pure white vases are so fresh and they can be adorned with any color to suit the season.028 029

264OK, I surrender to the green! Happy Saint Patrick’s Day from me and the green cat!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Monday Thrifty Treasures!

I was totally shocked and surprised to see that Rhoda at Southern Hospitality is again hosting Thrifty Treasure parties on Mondays. I didn’t think it would come back and I was sorry about that. When I entered this world of blogging, Rhoda’s Meme was the first one I participated in and it quickly became a favorite. I still am a thrifting maniac so I am excited to be back and I am excited that Rhoda’s party is back! Thanks, Rhoda, for making my day!

The vase below was found at the Salvation Army Thrift Store. It is a sweet and spring-vase and is a Laura Ashley design. I don’t know anything about it, how old it is, what collection it is from. It was really dirty, like some flowers rotted inside and then the vase was stored away without being cleaned. It cleaned up quite nicely, thank goodness! For 3.00, it was a pretty good deal.

001 I found 3 pillows at the Goodwill near my home. I love the shabby flower design and the faded colors. Normally, I don’t boy things like, well, pillows because I am afraid of what could be lurking inside. These, however, were pristine and the fabric is top quality. I sniffed them really hard. Other shoppers steered clear of the crazy lady holding pillows in front of her face, sniffing and turning them every direction. Crazy Lady paid $2 each.

001 006I found this tulip print at the same Goodwill. It was still covered in plastic and attached to the cardboard backing that keeps it from bending. The black frame is one I already had. The print was $1.99.

So, I did pretty well. 10.99 for some sweet pieces that I really like and will put to good use.

Thanks for stopping by and go visit Rhoda for a complete list of participants in Monday’s Thrifty Treasures~ Wooohoooooo!

The Best Signs Ever~Give Away

This really is so beautiful. Paula over at Castle and Cottage Signs is having a give away for this “Bella Cottage” sign. I have never seen such beautiful signs; she really is the best! Hurry over and check out the giveaway details. I hope I win ;)

bella sign Click on either picture to go to the contest page.