Saturday, December 19, 2009

Bulk Potpourri Equals Many Gifts

Now this was an easy, can't mess it up craft/gift to make by yourself or with the young'ns. Well, actually, you might be able to mess it up by goofing up the scents you add to the dried botanicals. I used Cinnamon~Balsam for this Christmas blend. If I used the scented oil of, say, Lavender or Pina Colada or Georgia Peach, it could really mess with people's heads. I like to try and match the style of the florals to the fragrance.
Some other scents that would work with this blend are: Apple Cinnamon, Home for the Holidays, Christmas Tree, get the idea. I added about 1/2 oz. of scented oil and gentle stirred the ingredients together. My pictures are working backwards, but, all you need to do is grab a large bucket. I dumped some baby toys that I no longer needed, out of this tub; washed it really well and started grabbing my dried herbs and florals.
I buy my labels at They have every shape, size and kind you could ever need and they have templates that make creating the labels a snap. I used cellophane bags and whatever ribbon I had, to make 3 dozen fragrant and timely gifts for teachers, neighbors, co-workers, friends and those that you hadn't yet realized you are trading gifts with.

I threw in dried apple slices and dices, too.

I added rose hips, amra pods and mini apples (faux). I threw in rose leaves because they look like Bay leaves.

Mmmmmm, fragrant green leaves.

These cinnamon sticks are 1 inch long. You can use whatever length you have or desire.

Here are some fir pieces. Coco Flowers and Cellulose Fiber. I always add Cellulose Fiber as an inexpensive fixative for the scented oil.

I threw in some pinecones, first. I have Mountain pine cones and Engelmann cones. You can use any cones. The best come from your own yard or park.


Queen of Dreamsz said...

Hello Cindy,

I can smell all of this potpourri!! A great idea especially when you have lots of gifting to do. :0) Oh, and thanks for the link to the label site!

Thanks for visiting me...I'm always happy to read comments and meet new blogging ladies. :0)

You have a lovely day and please do come visit again soon,

Scatter Bliss...

sissie said...

Love the blue nailpolish!
Your potpourri gift bags is a fantastic idea for Christmas giving.
Thanks so much for showing us how.
It never ceases to amaze me the wonderful ideas that you bloggers come up with.
Also, thanks for the link to the labels.
Have a wonderful Sunday and Merry Christmas.


Nancy @ La Chambre Rose said...

Cindy, thank you for visiting yesterday. How fortunate for me! On my return visit I found two ideas I desperately need to accomplish my "use it up" goal. I have lots of cinnamon sticks and oils and I'm sure the country yard will yield a bounty for this potpourri, after the snow melts!

Also, I have saved every single glass jar for a couple of years. They are clean and waiting, but need labels.

Thanks so much. This makes THE idea spreadsheet.

Pansy Cottage Girl said...

I bet it smells delish! Merry Christmas.