Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Christmas Library

I love my books. Even as a teenager, my hangout was the library. In the last couple of weeks 8 Christmas idea books have arrived at my door. They are presents to me and they didn't cost any $$. I am a member of Paperbackswap.com. People all over the country post books that they are finished with and people that are looking for books get to order. It is just like ordering from, say Amazon or Barnes & Noble. You search and browse for the books you want, click a button and it is on it's way.
Don't let the name Paperback Swap mislead you. Most of the books I received are hardcover in excellent condition. There are audiobooks, too.

Besides Christmas books, I have received gardening, sewing, painting,curriculum, and cultural stories.

If you'd like to start swapping, post 10 books and you will immediately receive 2 credits to choose books. After that, for each book you mail out to another member, you receive 1 credit.
You may be thinking: "Ackkkk, shipping books sounds expensive since they weigh so much!"
Actually, the USPS has a Media Rate, so the books cost , usually, under $3 to mail. Great deal!
Check it out. Perhaps it will contribute to a New Year's Resolution to read more.
Christmas Blessings Everyone!


Lisa said...

Awesome! Unfortunately I got rid of all my books I didn't want! @ weeks ago!!! Great idea though!
Merry Christmas!
Hugs, Lisa

Queen of Dreamsz said...

Hello Cindy,

I'm a book junkie....for nonfiction mostly. I love collecting all the latest crochet, sewing and mixed media publications....Amazon has great prices and the sellers that are selling the used books have some really great prices most of the time.

Your swap idea is great! And you are right..the media rate for books isn't too bad at all.

Thanks so much for visiting me and for leaving a sweet comment. I've worked so hard on our new home. It was a foreclosure and had been empty for over a year. Nothing was torn up but I spent 4 months remodeling with moving the kitchen and putting in 27 feet of windows to bring in the mountain views. Let's just say the guy that built the place didn't have much "vision"..hehe

Thomas is gone most of the time with his work right now so it seems to take us forever to get the simplest things finished.

Have a lovely day and do drop back in this week..I'll be posting some more pictures from around the great room.


GardenofDaisies said...

This book exchange sounds like a great idea! I'll have to look into it!