Friday, April 15, 2011

Pink Saturday Random Pinkness

pink satPink Saturday in the middle of April! Go visit for a plethora of pink goodness. Thank you , Beverly, for for hosting this enduring and endearing event. Pink Saturday

Yes, I am the grandma so please indulge me: Is she not pink precious beyond belief?! Tutus and headbands for baby girls is just so much fun!193333_206047599408455_141354502544432_791530_7525766_o

spring fest7

A friend of mine makes these sweet little sheep with the pink frocks faster than ewe can imagine.

spring fest6

My other friend, Debbie, creates mosaics and sells them along with pretty antiques.007

Spring blocks, which I hope to try my hand at making someday.010

I went to  an antique auction and won a huge lot of linens including these delicious dresses from the 1920’s. They are so pretty that, even today, the right person could totally rock them. 148Some Easter sweetness.

That’s all for now. Thanks for stopping by!