Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Welcome Liliana~What’s In a Name?

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I am absolutely ecstatic to be with my oldest daughter and her family for the birth of my second grandchild; Liliana. I am in San Diego and staying at the their house, holding down the fort and loving on my 2 year old grandson, Philip.

The hospital staff in charge of birth certificates came by and asked the new baby’s name. There were  5 new baby girls named Lily that day! Lily, Lilliana, Lillian, Liliana.

We think it might be le nom du jour. Like Brittany, Jessica, Emily, Tyler; you can pretty much guess how old they are by their names!

When my mother named me Cindy, 50 years ago she thought she was being very original. There are 7 Cindy’s that I know of on my block today!

Does your name plug you into an era?

Here is Philip meeting his sister for the first time.lilypic1 lilypic10 Such a beautiful baby girl!lilypic11

Philip touches the new baby very gently.lilypic3

And gives kisses.lilypic5

Beautiful family; Mommy Danielle is very, VERY tired!lilypic15

Friday, November 12, 2010

God Help the Person Who Gets Between a Mama Bear and Her Cub

mama bear

Ron and I were on our way up to the Health  One medical office at 12207 Pecos. I had gotten a call from Adrian who was scalded with hot water at work and a manager was driving him there for treatment. I told him to hang tight and I would be right there.  We got there pretty quickly but when we walked in, Adrian had already been taken back to the room.

Us: "We are here for Adrian can you please show us what room he is in?"

Office Worker: " No, you can't go back there".

Us: " Excuse Me?'

Office Worker " It's office policy. No family members are allowed back with the patient."

Us: "What? why?"

Office Worker: “ It’s for the protection of the patient. The patient’s safety is our first priority”.

Us: “ Oh come on, you are saying YOU are protecting our son from US?”

Right now my anxiety level was skyrocketing. From the minute my son was conceived I did everything in my power to protect, love and keep him safe. I wanted, needed to tell him we were there for him, to comfort him and let him know he was not alone.


Office Worker: “ He signed an agreement saying no family members would be allowed in the room.”

Us: “ Let’s see it.”

Officer worker hands us a treatment agreement with no signature.

Us: “This has no signature.” And then, trying to appeal to office worker’s sense of mothering; “ Please try to understand, how would you feel if your child was injured? Would you want to be there for him?”

Office Worker: “This isn’t about me, I am not in that position.”

Us, getting more desperate: “You didn’t answer the question!”

Office Worker: “ It is office policy for the protection of the patient.”

Us: “Our daughter, also a young adult, was in this office 2 years ago when she cut her hand at work. They let us go back with her.”

Office Worker: “That was different, she was bleeding.”

Us : “ So you have a policy that no family members are allowed back with their children, for the patient’s protection, except when they are bleeding?”

Then the doctor walked out to talk to us.

Doctor: “Do you have power of attorney to make decisions for him?’

Us: “ Well no” , he is a young adult. None of this had anything to do with us just wanting to see Adrian . I don’t think it is rare for a parent, or any family member to be with another when one has been injured. That is the human way. To be with and comfort your child is something that comes out in a fierce way, naturally; it can’t be can’t be helped nor would I want to stop these feelings. I felt like I was in the Twilight Zone where nothing makes sense and people have crazy-distorted ideas but they treat you like YOU are the crazy one.

At that moment my mom called and I started crying and sobbing into the phone about what was going on here and how they wouldn’t let us see him. I said I was going to file a complaint. I said I need the number where I submit a complaint. I said I was really pissed off and upset about it; I couldn’t believe it!

Doctor: “You must not use foul language in this office building!”

Us : ”I/she have/has not used foul language!”

Doctor: “Some people would disagree with that statement”. Then he walked back to the treatment room.

Office Worker: “Adrian hasn’t asked for you”. (provocative statement)

Adrian knew we were on our way and he knew we would come to him when we got there.

By this time, I was so upset I could hardly breathe. Maybe by this time they started to become concerned about the commotion because Office Worker came out and said one of us could go back with Adrian!

We both went back and they didn’t argue about it. I think they wanted the ferocious sobbing mother out of the waiting room.

We enter a very large treatment room which debunked the possible explanation of a tiny treatment room where loving and concerned parents could be in the way.

Nurse : “ It is wrong for your son to see you crying”.

I started crying harder. It is my experience in life that when I am super mad and frustrated at a lack of mutual understanding with someone, I cry. I wish I didn’t. It is a rare event for me but that’s when I cry.

Nurse: “ Now you need to sign the consent for treatment papers, remember, the ones they said he already signed.”

Me: “Adrian, don’t sign those papers until you read over them carefully”.

Nurse: ‘ He is my patient, Adrian you need to listen to me, you are my patient not hers, You have to sign these papers.”

This is when I looked at her straight in the face and told her to shut up. Yep, I did and I am ok with it.

Nurse: “You will not speak to me like that!”

Me: “You people need to learn how to work with people, your “bedside manner” is shockingly horrendous.

You would think they would learn how to be sensitive to worried family’s needs. I know that is part of medical services training. So much of it was in their delivery. It was if they were reading a bad script, word for word, “It is office policy”. They were unfeeling, unsympathetic, unhelpful, condescending, power-hungry employees at Health One, 12207 Pecos St.

Nurse: “We have great bedside manners. “

So, Adrian is going to be OK. He has 2nd degree burns on his hand and lower arm. The dressings need to changed every day. It is very painful right now. He is worried about missing work as he has rent and other bills to pay. Hopefully, worker’s comp insurance will help. Hmmmm, this was the medical clinic that is under contract to workers comp insurance. It’s starting to make sense …..

Is this typical behavior for workers comp cases? Have you had any experience with this kind of communistic behavior? Did they want to keep us away from Adrian in case we were to help him make up a story as to how the accident happened?

I feel, maybe, a tiny bit bad that I lost my cool and said I was pissed and told someone to shut up. But, no one and I mean no one can get between a mama bear and her cub. I will stand up to that person or thing anytime. When it comes to my children, that’s when I am strongest.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

White Wednesday-Glittered Birds With Crowns

 White-Wedneday-ButtonPlease click on the button to go see hostess Kathleen and her wonderful party. She is showing some fabulous faded and chippy architectural pieces. It is White Wednesday and the snow is falling in Colorado. It sure is pretty and makes me want to get all cozy with a book and some hot tea. Have you had snow yet this season?

white bird 4 I am showing some some pictures from a wedding our family attended. All the bouquets and centerpieces were made by the brides mother and grandmother. Every glittered and feathered bird was adored with it’s own jeweled crown. White feathers were prominent in the centerpiece displays.white bird 3 white bird 2 Luminous Mercury glass candle holders looked dazzling amongst the branches and birds. I can visualize a Christmas tree loaded with these sparkling birdies. I sense another project coming on!white bird

whie bird 5 The bridal bouquet is stuffed with white fabric rosettes, feathers and vintage jewelry sparkles.

Thanks for stopping by today! Enjoy your travels through White Wednesday!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Blue Monday More Beachy-Theme

blue_monday[3] It’s another Blue Monday; my favorite way to start the week. Click on the birdie button to attend the Blue Monday party hosted by Smiling Sally. You will see lots of great Blues and get some great Blue ideas.

My first picture for Blue Monday shows one of the reasons I had to take a blogging break. Lilly , 15 years old, dislocated her knee at Softball. She swung the bat really hard, her cleat stuck in the grass and her upper leg kept going. I still get the shivers when I think of how it happened and how  hubby and I arrived at the field to see her surrounded by paramedics; an IV drip, an oxygen mask and, worse, the unmistakable incorrect placement of her kneecap, obvious even  from a distance.

It didn’t get better;she still had excruciating pain. After doctor appointments, x rays, an MRI, and physical therapy, we learned from a wonderful doctor at Children’s Hospital that her meniscus was torn, there was several small fractures and a chunk of cartilage was floating where it shouldn’t be.  The picture below shows Lilly looking good and ready for her surgery. Her dad and I are looking smart in our blue paper suits we had to wear into the operating room. The pictures post surgery are much sadder looking. Knee surgery, no matter how well done, really is painful.

The surgery went very well and she is recovering with a leg brace that keeps her leg straight while she walks.It’s a huge contraption she calls her “Bionic Leg”. We are all hopeful that she will recover well enough to play softball again next Spring.037

190Moving on to the blue in my home. I love the colors of the beach and sea and here is a display on my mantle of a very soft blue vase with floral stems that have sea shells attached. I have an empty white frame that showcases different things all the time. Right now there is a lace doily and a jar of blue, green and white sea glass.200

Another blue vase holds some more green stems with seashells attached. Did you know it is easy to glue little shells to any stems or branches you may have. I stuck a few berry springs in as a way of bringing in some Fall color.199

I have had this framed print of the little girl at the beach for about 17 years. I also have a little boy from the same series. They had the dated gold frames that had to go. I painted this one white and just need to get to the other. I always seem to run out of time, but, little by little, my projects get done.

You may notice the frame is a bit battered and scraped. That is OK! I am all about the weathered –shabby-beach cottage look. 196 A bowl of luscious smelling flowers; gardenias(?) I believe. They don’t grow in Colorado. I found these at Pottery Barn on clearance for just a couple of dollars.193 192

The other end of the mantle has more lacy doilies, beach glass, seashells and an ocean blue candle on the white and blue-washed candle stick.The framed picture is my Lilly at the beach in San Diego a year ago.

I sure appreciate that you stopped by. I hope you enjoy all the Blue Monday posts and I wish you a week full of joy!

Friday, November 5, 2010

Pink Saturday Fabric Rosettes, Feathers and Vintage Jewels

pinksatbut Many pink greetings from someone who has been missing in action for 4 months! Life happened in various forms and I had to take a break from blogging. Nearly every event was written into a blog post in my head but that was a far as it got.

One of the potential posts was the gloriously beautiful wedding of my oldest daughters good friend from childhood. I literally gasped at the beauty of the handmade bouquets. Each rosette was crafted of satin, silk, lace or tulle. This is a picture of one of the bridesmaids’ bouquets. Delicate wisps of feather were tucked between the flowers. Pearl beads and vintage pieces of jewelry made each bouquet unique.

bridal bouquet 2 bridal bouquet









The bride’s bouquet was larger and elegant. Perfectly suited for the princess on her special day.bridal bouquet 3

My daughter’s bouquet even looks amazing in her purse.bridal bouquet 4

Have you ever seen anything so delicious? It makes me want to have another wedding just so I can have one of these for myself!bridal bouquet 5 bridal bouquet 6

bridal 2 Even the bride’s hair piece was a bejeweled, feathered fabric rosette.bridal 3

Each guest received a sweet “nest” candle holder.wedding1 Mercury glass in shades of silver, gold , copper and pink cast perfect light at the dinner and birds 3 Jewel and glitter encrusted birds adorned every table.This one has a blue crown but others had pink crowns.

It was a most magical and dreamy occasion and I am so very happy for the couple and their future together.

Thanks for stopping by my little place in Blog Land. Go see the other magical pinks at Beverly’s How Sweet the Sound. This is the place to be on Pink Saturday!