Friday, July 31, 2009

Pink Saturday~Random Pinks

Sometimes I have a good idea about what I want to share for Pink Saturday. This week, I did not. So , I took a little stroll through my home and conjured up a few pinks to share. This is my Home Goods find from the Clearance section. It is a Royal Albert tablecloth in the Old Country Roses pattern. The cotton fabric is so soft and airy; I love Roses, especially pink and it was only $5. My little clear glass hobnail pitcher is filled, at the moment, with Aroma Beads that are scented with Buttermint scented oil. They smell exactly like the buttermints you would pop into your mouth at a wedding or baby shower. A little stir or shake reactivates and releases the scent. The scent makes you want to eat these but you'd better not.

Our friends dog, Jane , just had 5 sweet puppies. This little white pup that my 16 year old son is adoring has a little pink nose and tongue. He's so cute, sound asleep with his tongue out.

This Ballet Slipper Pink vintage mirror with shelf , used to be gold-ish. It is one of my latest pink favorites.

And last is my pink cross that hung in my garden, a chippy-white, which I enjoyed on the wall outside my front door for many years. Since, I am Ballet-Slipper-Pink crazy, I couldn't resist transforming it. I AM enjoying it pink :)

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Sunday, July 26, 2009

Carl Larsson Print~My Happy Thrifty Find

I have always loved the whimsical, colorful style of painting by Swedish artist Carl Larsson.
I stopped into a Goodwill that is not in my neighborhood, looked around a bit at the "way expensive" collectibles, then startled my 22 year old son by screeching " it's a Carl Larsson print!". I plucked it from the pile, saw the $6 tag and did a happy dance. To the counter I went to pay and stared at the sales lady like she was out of her mind when she told me that all the framed prints were 1/2 off. Three puny bucks for my first print by Carl Larsson. Crazy happy dance!
There was a plain light brown frame around it. I just bought a can of Strawflower spray paint and decided to use it for this frame redo. I took the print out of the frame and took the frame out side and sprayed it completely in no more than 2 mins. I left for an appointment and then came the storm. It rained and hailed and thundered with lightening.
When the storm ceased and the sun dried everything off, I check out my frame. It is accidentally perfect! The Strawflower paint chipped off in places and the frame is, indeed weathered. And I love it! By the way, this Strawflower spray paint from Home Depot is the perfect soft/wheaty yellow and I plan to find more things to hit with it.

Here are some of Carl's other work; pieces I hope to add to my collection.


28 May 1853 - 22 January 1919

The Swedish artist Carl Larsson was born in 'Gamla stan', the old town in Stockholm, on May 28, 1853. His parents were extremely poor and his childhood sad and miserable. However, at the age of thirteen his teacher at the school for poor children urged him to seek entry into the 'principskola' of the Stockholm Academy of Fine Arts where he also got accepted. The first years at the 'principskola' he felt socially inferior, confused and shy. In 1869, sixteen years old, he got promoted to the 'antique school' of the same academy. There Carl Larsson became more sure of him self and he even became a central figure in student life. After several years as illustrator for books, magazines and newspapers Carl Larsson also spent several rather frustrating years in Paris as a hardworking artist without any success.

The turning point in Carl Larsson´s life came the year 1882 when he in Grez, a Scandinavian artist colony outside Paris, met Karin Bergöö (1859-1928), who soon should be his wife. One could almost call it a metamorphose in Carl Larsson´s life. In Grez Carl Larsson painted some of his most important works - now in water-colour and very different from the more pretentious oilpainting technique.

Carl and Karin Larsson reared eight children and Karin and the children became Carl Larsson´s favourite models and many of those watercolours are now loved and cherished all over the world.

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Friday, July 24, 2009

Garden Fairies and a Pink Swan

My beautiful and sweet niece, Claire, is a model without attitude. She is humble and down to earth in a vain and competitive business. Did I mention she is smart too? She just graduated from high school and was awarded a full scholarship to a private university in California. I am a proud Auntie, indeed! This photo shows Claire (left) and another model dressed like fairies with gorgeous pink rose garlands.

I found this lovely pink swan bowl by Lenox at the Habitat for Humanity ReStore. It was only 2.50. Although it is precious, it is not super valuable and I'll tell you why. The original and OLD Lenox has a green Lenox logo on the bottom. Lenox produced the same swan way back when but the newer ones don't have the GREEN logo; looks like this, but green. If you find any Lenox piece at a garage sale or thrift store, with the green logo, grab it before someone else does!Here is the pink swan under the lights, china; transparent and amazing.

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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Swirl of Lovins

I have really been missing my loves. Monica and Lilly are a week in to their 2 week visit with their older sister, Danielle, who lives in Southern California due to her husband being stationed in the Navy. Their son Philip just has his first birthday. Her hubby was out to sea when Philip decided to meet us 5 weeks early, but, myself and Philip's Aunties were there. We all love him so very much and I am in awe of my girls, the great relationships they have with each other and Philip.

It makes me wonder what we used to do. We are perfectly content to watch Philip's every breath, lip smack, eye blink. Every slight move creates a swirl of lovins; a smothering of kisses.

Danielle is such an amazing Mommy who is so tuned into her first born.

Aunt Monica is the tallest and lifts Philip the highest into the sky!

"Who loves baby? Mommy does!"

"Yes, Mommy is watching you!

This is the life!

Did you find a piece of sea glass for Grandma?

Great memories...

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Sea Glass ~Beach Glass

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I have never met a piece of sea glass that I don't like. Such beautiful transparent bits that originally started out as trash. Years, even centuries ago, some sort of glass bottle or vessel was thrown into the sea. Sand, rocks and pounding tides thrash the glass shards into smooth jewels. How lucky is the finder of these gems that finally wash ashore.
I found a large glass container at Goodwill for $3. Solid and heavy, it won't break easily. I shopped my house and came up with my sea glass collection and an overly loved candle, that will do for now, until I find a nice sea blue one. Now I need a couple of sun bleached starfish to fill the rest of the space.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Pink Ballet Slipper~Glidden Paint Tester

Perhaps everyone knows about these except me, but, they are so cool! Home Depot has a zillion different color testers for 2.97. So I picked out several including Pink Ballet Slipper; grabbed my cheap sponge paint brush and a tiny vintage mirror. I am a spay painting maniac but spraying little pieces feels like over-kill.
What is this? It comes with an attached brush! Wow, bonus!

Here is my mini mirror, probably 4 inches tall, at the most. It is really old, kind of dingy.

I still managed to make a mess with the paint; I like to paint really fast. The latex paint is so easy to remove from the mirror; it peels right off. Trust me on that one because I forgot to take a picture post-peel. There is a ring on the back so I can hang it on the wall as soon as the right spot speaks to me.

This Pink Ballet Slipper is the best pink, nice and soft.

My favorite thrift store, Habitat for Humanity Restore, is amazing in so many ways. They have everything a typical thrift store has plus building materials; brand new boxes of tile, gallons of paint for $5, caulk, light fixtures, a giant spa tub! And their prices are the best I have seen. Habitat for Humanity is a great organization. Hopefully you have one in your area.

This a a sweet original watercolor(signed), that I bought at Habitat for Humanity. It was only $2 and $2 is a great price for something that makes me smile. I wonder why someone gave this up?

These sweet vintage prints of children also make me smile. They are all sweet and pink and only 1.50 each including the frames. They are not reproductions; fantastic! They are in exceptional condition.

The pinks in their dresses are lovely; quite delicate.

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Sunday, July 12, 2009

Thrifty Finds, Hobby Lobby & Spray Paint

It's that favorite time of the week again: Today's Thrifty Treasures hosted by Rhoda at Southern Hospitality. You will find the most fabulous things ever at super-duper prices. The participants really know how to spot the deals.

Hobby Lobby is having an irresistable 80% off sale. Some things were even more than 80% off. I am featuring the great buys that I found there yesterday.

Why are frames always so expensive? Probably because the manufacturers know that everyone needs them. When I find a good deal I snatch them up. I like this French Postcard design.

Emmett likes to watch me spray paint from his favorite observation rock in the backyard. Not bad! I like the French theme.

Tres jolie toothbrush holder was only $1! The original price was 9.99. I needed one of these for the kid's bathroom.

Fleur de Lis shelves for $2 each at Hobby Lobby look much better in Heirloom White. I have a new love and admiration for Heirloom White Spray Paint by Krylon. Pretty much every thrifty find from the last couple of weeks are now Heirloom White.
Ewwww, reminds me of smoky mirror decor

I wouldn't have paid 18.00 each for these; no way. For 1.80 each, I will figure out a place for them; I'm thinking a black and white vignette...

I bought 2 of these for this price and they are nice as is, but, I am a spray painting maniac. I can't be stopped!

2 minutes after I got them home,they looked like this.

The Princess House Crystal Candle Holders that I bought for $2 each at the Habitat for Humanity thrift store, have left the 90's behind and now look like this.

I forgot to grab some candles. Pink or Mint will look pretty.