Monday, August 31, 2009

Rooster Giveaway Winners!

Well, we have our winners of the rooster plates! It sure was fun participating in the sharing of the roosters. I loved seeing everyone's collections and creativity. It took me 3 days of visiting other sites and I still didn't get to all of them. Still hoping to hit the rest!

It took me a bit of time to come up with the winners. Everyone was so sweet that I was rooting for everyone.

I took care to list each participant and attribute the correct number of chances to each; from 1-3 chances. I went to www.random .org and generated 2 winners which happen to be:

Becky from The funny thing is I missed her comment as I was reading along the first days of the Rooster party. When I looked back to see who this was, I read the nicest comments and was thrilled she won. Congrats, Becky!

Winning the second set is: Cami from Yahhhh Cami! Cami, is a lovely lady from Texas that describes herself as a "Professional Grandma". Being a new grandma, myself, that job description really suits me, too and I will borrow that line, every chance I get.

Thanks to all who stopped by and watch for another giveaway for my 50th post-a-versary!

Becky and Cami; I need to get your mailing information and soon to arrive will be 4 little roosters wearing fancy shoes.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Pink Saturday~Chenille~oooh

Nothing gets me to swoon more than vintage chenille (and my grandson). I found the most amazing pillows, bedspreads and handmade lavender sachets; all made from chenille. You really should check out Catnap Cottage at Etsy.
These wonderful treasures would fit in to my home, oh yes!

This is a sachet stuffed with lavender, buckwheat hulls, and rice

Isn't this gorgeous?! I couldn't help but relax with the soothing scent of lavender.

Love the pink chenille rosebuds; precious!

Click on the Pink Lady for more Pink Party Goodies.
I always decorate with plates.

I actually have several different pillow covers made from vintage Wilendur linens, but I only have a picture of one. Oh well, I'll show the others at another Pink Party date. I adore these linens. The colors are so vubrant and happy. I am sure that this would work with chenille from Catnap Cottage.

Hope you have a happy Pink Saturday and an even pinker tomorrow!

Rooster Party Giveaway~Rooster Party Giveaway!

That's right; Rooster Party giveaway times 2. For my first Rooster Party, I am featuring these sets of handpainted mini plates. There are 2 sets of 4 that will go to 2 lucky rooster-lover winners. These roosters are wearing shoes. How whimsical and darling they are.
They are minis; about 5 inches in diameter.

Fabulous displayed in your vignette.

But, they are dishwasher and microwave safe. So, go ahead and eat your bonbons off of these little darlings.
All you have to do is leave a comment for one entry and receive 2 more chances by becoming a follower. I would be honored to have you, indeed.
If you are already a treasured follower, leave a comment and get 3 chances.

Rustic, western iron roosters are popular in Colorado.

This little cast iron rooster is only about an inch and 1/2 tall. Sweet little guy is a functional paperweight. He is small but mighty.

My ceramic rooster. Can you tell that he rules?

A great sign in case anyone is wondering who's in charge!

This serving tray has a lovely handpainted vintage look.

The twins.

My redo rooster. He became Heirloom White when I was spray paint crazy. He didn't really need to be painted, I was just on a roll. I think he's cute, though.

My heavy cast iron rooster did not escape my spray paint craziness.

Thanks for stopping by the Rooster Party. I'll be visiting as many of you as I can! Be sure to click on the Rooster Party button for lots, and I mean lots of Rooster goodness!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Thrifty Treasures~Easy-Fun-Cheap-Aromatic

Aroma Beads; little roundish, plastic pearls that absorb scented oils and color. I discovered these little gems about a year ago while looking for ingredients to jazz up my potpourri.
I am going to show you how to make inexpensive gifts that you can whip together bunches of, in about 30 minutes.
First of all, find and buy some plain aroma beads. I buy mine at a Denver company called Peak Candle Supply. You can buy a pound at a time and get a price break at 10 lbs. I love this company; their prices are the best I have found and they throw in a random bottle of scented oil with each online order.
I get out all my clear glass bowls, because it is the best way to see what I am doing, but you can use any glass bowl or plastic-ware.

I found these liquid dyes on ebay for cheap. They are intense colors and will last forever. I tried to use food coloring but it didn't work for me.

I, also, get my scented oils from Peak Candle. They have a huge selection and you can order a sample pack of 10 of your choice of scents for 19.99.
I try to match up the color with the scent: Green for Cucumber Melon.

Blue for Ocean.
Red for Pomegranite or Cinnamon
Yellow for Creme Brule or Vanilla
Brown for Latte or Nutmeg and so on...

A tiny bit goes a long way. The more you use, the darker/richer the color.

After you pour in the scented oil, the beads get translucent and shiny.

Here I stirred in orange dye with Pumpkin Spice oil. (Fall is in the air). I use plastic spoons but you can use popcycle sticks.

My daughter, Lilly, loves to make these. She said, " Mom, can I make a surprise combination for you?"
"Sure, remember, mixing too many colors together makes grey..."
She turned her back to block her work from me and revealed her masterpiece after about 2-3 minutes. She grabbed "Country Garden" scented oil and chose colors to make a beautiful floral mixture.
I never would have thought of it! What a great idea!

This shows how I like to make my Ocean blend.
Add a little blue dye.

Add a little green dye and it makes a beautiful "sea glass" or "spa" collection.

I add seashells and sea glass. This is a nice scented display in any dish.

I have many different colors of organza bags. Poor in the aroma beads and cinch closed. I add a little tag to the ribbon with the scent name.

I always end up with some extra that didn't fit in the bags. I put this leftover "Georgia Peach" in this hobnail creamer that I got at Goodwill for $1.

I had a bunch of pink "Pink Sugar Cookie" that I poured into this glass jar; another Goodwill buy for $1. Shall I throw in a couple of shells even though it is not an ocean scent or color? Sure, why not?!

This is just a start at what you can do with these beads. You can sew your own sachets or put in cellophane bags tied shut with pretty silk and organza ribbons.
I add pink rose petals to some blends, lavender to others. Dried orange slices can be mixed with orange scented aroma beads.
These make perfect teacher and co worker gifts and they are a child-friendly project.
They are great party favors, wedding favors, hostess gifts...
Pretty soon I will start making beads with the scents of Christmas: cinnamon (add cinnamon sticks), pear spice, eggnog, Christmas Tree and so on. Let me know if you play with these; I would love to see your projects!

You are invited to the Thrifty Treasures party hosted by Rhoda You will be sure to be amazed and inspired!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Pink Saturday~Wild Animal Park Pink

It's one of my favorite days: Pink Saturday! The pinks I have brought to the party are from my recent trip to visit my daughter and grandson in San Diego. My 2 sons came with me and we had such a great, memory-making time together. My first picture isn't pink but is pure sweetness; my oldest son and grandson adoring each other. Baby Philip rubs Uncle Adrian's wiskers ands says over and over in his baby boy voice "kitty", "kitty".

My daughter took me over to a lady's house where she sells shabby chic items that she makes. I bought this mirror with pink roses, and a couple of framed pictures with just-my-style floral prints.

The seller picks up frames of all kinds, as long as they are cheap, at garage sales and thrift stores. She makes these rose appliques in molds, from, I believe a plaster substance. She said it was her own secret formula. Then she paints it all white, or pink or green or blue, in an imperfect/shabby way. The decals are decoupaged as well.

I just love these and am going to try my hand at making my own.
The cupcakes are handmade lavender sachets created from vintage chenille, and embellished with buttons, pearls and/or sequins. To die for!

We decided to go to the Wild Animal Park in Encinitas. It is an extention of the San Diego Zoo, but,pretty low key, smaller and so peaceful. I pretty much took a million pictures of all kinds of creatures, but, these are the pink ones. Most of the other animals are grey, brown and tan so that they can blend into their surroundings and hide from preditors. So no hippo, meerkat or monkey pictures. For Pink Saturday, what else but PINK FLAMINGOS.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Mexican Food and Horchata

Have you ever had Horchata? This drink is served everywhere out here and is on tap at fast food restaurants. It is as common as ice tea and my children love it. It is made of rice and cinnamon, sugar too and is served on ice. It is tasty but I am a Diet Coke addict, myself.

My daughter's husband is stationed the Navy at Coronado Island. And they live about 3 miles from the Mexican border. Obviously there is a heavy influence of Mexican cuisine and how lucky I am! Every direction you look there is fresh Mexican cafes and restaurants. When I travel, I like to experience the local culture and food; no McDonald's, Taco Bells or Chili's. I can eat there at home in Colorado, any time. A van was making a delivery of fruity drinks to the Rolondo's Burrito Bar at which we were chowing down.

I especially love the liberal use of fresh avocado; either in slices, cubes, or made into guacamole. The green chile is out of this world! Rolled tacos are always on the menu. Often I see them at 5 for 2.00.