Sunday, October 31, 2010

Blue Monday Sea Blues

blue_monday[3] Happy Blue Monday, November 1st! I am happy to be back and playing along. I took a good chunk of time off but have missed visiting you all! Blue Monday is always a fabulous way to start the week. Click on the picture of the bird to visit Smiling Sally, the hostess of this weekly event. You will see many other party-goers and it’ll be a grand time!

015 I do love the ocean and the tranquil colors of the sea. I have been incorporating the faded, sea and sun bleached colors into my home decor. Of all my decorating “phases”, I have loved this one the most. I feel the soothing, peace of the sea; even a spa-like feel with these soothing tones.015

I always have jars and bowls of sea glass and shells. The blue sea glass is my favorite. A few months ago, I brought home another project from Goodwill. It was the old golden oak color that dominated the 90’s. There sure are a lot of these to be found and usually for 2.99. 

My sweet Lilly, who has been feeling pretty blah due to knee surgery, needed a project. Out came the golden oak magazine holder, Aegian Blue paint by Martha Stewart, my jar of shells and sea glass and the glue gun. A pretty simple project but it sure helped update the holder and any magazine would be proud to call this “home”.

Notice the clothes pin. Lilly, such a free spirit, decided that a pin should be added to each side, : “for notes or pictures”.014 


Happy Blue Monday to you all. I hope you have a chance to stop by and say “hello”. It has been way too long :)

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Drop Cloth Window Treatments

I had been wanting to do these drop cloth window treatments that have been all over blog land.I wanted to do these because everyone said they are easy and inexpensive and that is language I understand.

I bought a 2 pack of drop cloths from Home Depot. They cost about $10 for the 2 of hem. They are huge! Since I am impatient, I could not face the job of ironing these so I didn’t. I folded about 2 feet of the cloth over the top. It was either that or let 2 feet of cloth pool in the floor in a high traffic area.

bat 011

I am totally in to beach cottage decor so I brought out a bag of shells that I had on display in a bowl and a low-temp glue gun. My girls glued a border of shells all the way across the edge of the folded cloth. bat 012

bat 013

This picture shows the ring clips I used to hang the curtains. These hang at our patio door with southern sun exposure. It works surprisingly well at cutting the brightness when needed. I imagine the picture quality would be better if I shot the pics at a different time of day.

The really cool thing is that the wrinkles have worked their way out by just hanging there. I sure am glad I didn’t waste time ironing!

Hope everyone has had a nice 4 months; that is how long it has been since I last blogged. I sure missed my blogger friends and am happy to be back. Sometimes a girl just needs to take a healthy break and focus on her family. I am excited to visit you all and get a fresh dose of inspiration.

Blessings to you!