Sunday, January 31, 2010

Another Blue Monday

blue_monday[3] Blue Monday at Smiling Sally's. That’s where you want to go to see all the wonderful blues. I think everyone likes blue; I’ve never met a soul who doesn’t like some shade of blue.

To participate, this week, I grabbed my camera and walk through my house; blue-hunting.

The very first blue I found is in Mrs. Chick’s dress. This is an original painting by artist Linda Norton. Linda has some whimsical designs based on stories; fairy tales, actually (no wonder I love her work!). I was blessed to obtain this painting, perhaps 10 years ago and I really love this sweet picture.

007 008003 My dear mom knows how much I love birds and birdhouses and got me this tall blue painted one for my last birthday. It has ceramic birds attached, if you look closely you can see them. At the moment, this bird-mansion is in my front room atop my red table.004

This giant blue mushroom was a Christmas gift from my youngest daughter, Lilly. She went to one of those “paint it yourself” pottery places and designed this one for me. The very best gifts I have ever received are the ones created by my children.006


A trip into the kitchen found Lilly preparing Italian Meatloaf for dinner; her idea! Way to go Lilly. I love when someone besides me prepares dinner!012

Here is another painted piece by Lilly intended for her Grandma and her husband, Grandpa Jack. They live in Arizona and it was not ready in time for Christmas. I hope they will like it for Valentine’s Day!016 009 010Lastly, I am showing these Talavera crosses purchased on a trip to Puerto Vallarta a couple of years ago.The crosses were small enough and light enough to bring back with me. I drooled over all the pottery found there and imagined doing a complete bathroom out of it; similar to this.talavera bath

mexican toilette And, for the end, this is only appropriate..

Have a wonderful Blue Monday and a wonderful week!

Friday, January 29, 2010

Sissie's Giveaway~Better Hurry!

I didn't manage to get my Pink Saturday posting ready for the day. I have recently taken over the accouinting duties that my talented friend and co worker used to manage for our private school. My friend is and was a natural. The uber-organized person who balances accounts to the penny. I am a free and creative thinker; an idea-person who doesn't see how difficult things will be until I've already plunged in to the project. We balanced(pun) each other so well. Have you guessed the hubby does the finances at our house? Last week I was responsible for class payments and paychecks. I got a raging headache but got it done on time. You do NOT want to mess with people's paychecks. After taking much longer than it should have, I finished it and felt victorious. I can't say I'll ever be excited about accounting, but at least I did it and found that you can teach this old dog new tricks.

I am visiting Pink Saturday participants and am already seeing beautiful pink things. I still LOVE pink!

Diana at Sissie's Shabby Cottage is having a Giveaway. She made this darling Memory Pillow; the likes of which I have never seen before. She has a beautiful style; the soothing style that makes you calm and restful by just looking at her pictures. Click on the link and go rest at her soothing spa-like oasis!

Friday, January 22, 2010

Pink Saturday Shower Flowers

Happy Pink Saturday! Yahooooo, I get to play again after too many weeks off. Beverly is the hostess of the pinks and you really need to stop by her place and visit for all kinds of pink sweetness.pinksatbut I was thinking about what pinks I could feature and was drawing a blank.It seemed like I had used up all my pinks in previous Pink Saturday posts. After browsing my pictures, I found these, oh-so-beautiful flowers. Almost 2 years ago, I attended a shower for a baby girl and these were the table centerpieces. Although the party was in the first week of February, the weather in Laguna Beach, California was so mild that we were able to sit outside. It truly was glorious and I have fond memories of the trip out there from my home in Colorado.DSC03889-1-1 DSC03889-1-1 028 I thought I’d add in this ceramic rose petal sugar and creamer set. This was a recent find at Hobby Lobby in the clearance section. I sure love their sales!

I wish you all a wonderful Pink weekend!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Recognize Him?

I am basking in the knowledge that the Lord cares about me. Really taking it in and enjoying it all day.

I had been feeling overwhelmed and teary about a number of things. I really miss my oldest daughter and grandson. And, I’ve really been missing my children when they were little. When I had all my babies safe and sound, following a- long beside me, I was a content mother hen. I enjoy all the stages of seeing them grow up and I adore them all; my precious blessings. They have friends, sports,school, jobs and other fish to fry. That is how it is suppose to be. I am having to redefine my role in this stage of my life and it is not so easy. I am not bored, by any means. Things are just different.

My hubby and I had dinner with some friends the other night. They can not wait, CAN NOT WAIT, until their youngest child graduates from high school and leaves for college next year. Then they will be empty nesters! WooHoooo! I dread the idea and find their glee, well, I don’t get it.

OK, so a friend I haven’t spoken with in awhile, brought me a surprise. She found this little fella at an estate sale and thought of me immediately. I was so shocked and speechless. This is so ME. It is something, of which, I have never, ever spoken. It is something that I remember fondly from my childhood.My mother loved him , too and even brought home someone , that looked like him, when I was 6 years old and my sister was 5.

002 Do you recognize this face?006  003 How about now?

007 Yes, it is the RCA dog! I have never seen a statue of him. I love him! My friend was probably shocked at my tearful thanks. Her act was just on time, perfectly executed, to bring a smile and joy to my heart. I am thankful to my friend and I am thankful to God for reminding me that He cares. It is these “out of the blue surprises”, that warm my heart. I pray that I will be tuned in to promptings from the Lord so I will act in ways that will minister to others.004005

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Blue Indeed

blue monday I am delighted and even a bit amazed that I am participating in Blue Monday. Be sure to click on the Blue Monday picture to visit Smiling Sally and all the Blue Monday participants.I am delighted because I have been out of the loop for nearly 3 weeks. Sick kids, sick computer, sick moi and many stresses; typical, I think to the post -Christmas let-down.I am amazed because,although I have faith that things will get better I sometimes find it hard to conjure up the “oomph”. I sure don’t want to be a downer,, I definitely have so much for which to be thankful, so I will move along..

Here is my sweet cat, Emmett on the top floor of his Kitty Condo. This is his favorite spot so he can keep an eye on our 3 dogs.

Emmett is a beautiful grey; a blue-grey. People have asked me many times if he is a Russian Blue and I don’t know. He definitely has his blue coat. He was a rescue cat and we don’t know much about him.

His kitty cousin, Gray C, gave Emmett this condo because she doesn’t like it! Thank you, Gray C, it is purrrrfect!

015   The rest of my Blue pictures show my dear Grandson, Philip and his Mommy, my oldest, Danielle. I sure do miss them, they live in San Diego, since Daddy is stationed in the Navy. They were able to come out for Thanksgiving, but, not Christmas. Even when you are surrounded by loved ones, your heart always misses the ones that aren’t there.131  This silly little boy in blue decided he wanted to be a doggy. He crawled right into the dog kennel and shut himself in. I have a feeling that all his little “tricks” are things that grandparents get tickled about. But, oohhhh, he is so darn cute!

I wish you all a happy Blue Monday and hope to stop by and visit as many of you as possible.091 090 089 076