Friday, May 28, 2010

Giveaway Winner~Simple Southern Happiness!

pinksatbut cottagecharmgiveaway10 Click on the buttons to go directly to the festivities!

The winner of my pink party favors for the 4th Annual Cottage Charm Giveaway AND in celebration of the 2nd anniversary of Pink Saturday is:

Simple Southern Happiness

The funny thing is…I searched the blog and couldn’t find the blog author’s name, so, please contact me with the info. and I will get a box of Pink Goodness off to you ASAP.

These events were so much fun. I am still trying to visit many of my new blogger friends and I promise to stop by soon.I appreciate the comments from each person who stopped by. It sure made for a fun time! 001

013 006 004

011 005

Be sure to stop by Twice Remembered Cottage and say “hi” to our hostess; Kim, and How Sweet The Sound, hostess; Beverly, for all of the festivities!!!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Shell Chic and Giveaway


Today I am linking up to Faded Charm Cottage for White Wednesday. My project has a lot of white; mostly white and at different points a long the way was all white.

You will want to check out all the whiteness. If it's your first visit to White Wednesday, prepare to be amazed!

There is something about white that soothes and calms, unless your little doggies are gnawin' on bones atop your vintage white chenille bedspread.

They are looking all innocent at the moment!

I am really into the shabby-coastal-cottage look. I have shells and sea glass; so far, just as bowl fillers.

A few weeks ago my children indulged me with a trip to the flea market after church. They really don’t enjoy thrift stores or flea markets but they were kind enough to tag a long. I found this wood doll house for $15. It was the ugliest, stomach churning crackle-brown finish stamped with mustard yellow country stars. It was soooo ugly that I didn’t even take a picture; I should have, but I immediately sprayed it with the famous Heirloom White to ease my nausea. It was all white for a couple of days until I glazed the roof with ocean blue.001

003 004 I had no business starting this project tonight with so many other pressing needs; like dirty dishes, dusty furniture, weeds to pull-you get the idea. But sometimes you just have to do it and when you do, you end up feeling so much better. You’ve got to be creative to survive!

Grabbed my glue gun and bag of Goodwill shells. I used low temp glue sticks and attacked the roof with shells. I tried to apply the shells somewhat equally. If I put a shell in the upper left corner, I put the same on the upper right. 005 008 011 013
I remembered my collection of shells in the glass jar with the candle and dug into those, too. By the way, low temp glue bonds the shells to the wood super fast. Once you squirt a little glue on the shell and place it where you want it, it is there to stay in 1 second.014 020 I kept adding more shells and sea glass. It worked to place the larger shells and fill in the gaps with the smaller shells and sea glass. 023 026 This was a lot of fun, easy and super fast. I think it looks best with all the spaces filled, so, I will be adding even more shells and sea glass in the tiny places.

Now, I am looking at picture frames, trays, plates; whatever I can use to create my shell chic decor. 027 035 034 033 037 036

Click here to get the details of my combination Pink Saturday/4th Annual Cottage Charm Giveaway. The 3 stamped bracelets are just a part of the loot!012

Monday, May 24, 2010

Nifty Thrifty Tuesday Debut & Giveaway

nifty thrifty I am soooo happy to be joining Nifty Thrifty Tuesday at Coastal Charm. This is my first time, but, it is a perfect party for me. I am constantly on the look out for great deals. There is nothing like the thrill of the hunt and when you score, there is nothing like it!

Just yesterday I stopped into my favorite Goodwill store and found this set of 3 hand painted vases for only 2.99! The cottage-y  designs and pretty colors are just my style. Somebody didn’t like them as they had never been taken out of the sealed box until I got them home. That works for me! The doilies underneath were a quarter for both at the neighborhood garage sale.002 003 003-1 004 012 At the same Goodwill, I found several cottage style framed prints. I am wondering if the same person donated the vases and each of the pictures! I liked them all! They all had the dated gold-ish or light oak frames. In record time, I whip out my white paint and slap it on. It’s ok if it gets on the glass; it comes off pretty easily with a teflon scrubbing sponge and a knife to scrape around the edges.  I used to tape off the glass and be all careful but, now, I like fast and easy shortcuts.010 I always have some sandpaper handy to rough and shab up the frames. Just buff along the edges until you get the look you want.013

Here is another print I got at the same time. Istill need to clean up the glass a bit.015 I have loved pansies since I was a child and my great grandmother showed me their sweet “faces”. Of course the frame has the gold-ish finish. Bt tomorrow it will look shabby-cottage fabulous. All the pictures were a total of $6. Not too bad, huh?014

I am having a giveaway! Here is a preview of the goodies to be won. Click on the picture of the paper roses to see the rest  :) (Lot’s of pink cottage goodness!


Sunday, May 23, 2010

Blue Monday~May 24th~Give Away!

blue_monday[3] Smiling Sally is a darling lady who hosts the weekly Blue Monday event. Click on the Blue Monday button to fly over to Sally’s site to see a list of Blue Monday party-goers.

Don’t you just love blue? All my life I have adored blue; baby, sky, delft, navy, marine, and lately a “shabbed up” aqua or turquoise. These tin birdies are may latest shabby blue addition. They stand tall together in their home atop the piano. I think they’d be happier if someone actually sat down to the piano to play!

They sure are a sweet couple!031 032 030 033 My youngest daughter and I sampled this cake at a smart little gift store and decided we had to bring home the mix to treat the rest of the family. Luckily, all 5 kids love coconut. Over the years I have met a number of kids and adults that don’t like coconut at all! Hard for us to imagine!

An Estate sale in my neighborhood is where I found this soft, sky blue Damask table cloth and napkin set. It is vintage, I don’t know how old, but it was in a box that looked like it was a style in the 60’s. It was never used and I thought $4 was a steal. I love finding bargains!025 024

I am having a little giveaway! Click here to see all the party favors.

Here is a preview:012

And there is more :)

All you have to do is leave a comment on any of my posts this week. You get 1 chance per comment. If you decide to follow, I would be delighted and you get 2 more chances.

I wish you a happy Blue Monday and a wonderful week!

Friday, May 21, 2010

Pink Saturday Party Favors!


I am linking up to the 4th Annual Cottage Charm Giveaway at Twice Remembered. This is the most exciting event; fun and prizes from so many Bloggers. Check it out!!!

Happy 2nd Birthday to Pink Saturday! I am delighted to be part of the festivities. Pink Saturday is always fun but today is birthday special! You will not want to miss this occasion so click on over to visit Beverly at How Sweet the Sound and share in all the Pink Saturday birthday- goodness.

I intended to have a 100th post giveaway but the time got away from me. SO, I have pink party favors for the birthday party.

If you’d like a chance to win the box of party favors; just leave a comment. You don’t have to follow but if you do or already are, let me know and I’ll throw your name in the pot 2 more times. I’ll ask one of my daughters to draw the name of the winner in time for Pink Saturday next week.

First of all a lovely bouquet of pink roses. They look so real but are actually made of delicate paper! 004 Faith, Hope and Love; 3 stamped bracelets. Of course they will arrive in pink organza bags. You can wear 1 at a time or all three…012 001

A pink creamer with delicate rose blossoms, (they remind me of moss roses) and polka dots.005

A Rose Quartz Rocklet; handcrafted soap that looks like it just came out of the mine. It is claimed that the soap is infused with healthy and beneficial minerals.010 My home made bath salts with rose petals and lavender. This is also nice as a sachet.


I had Kewpie dolls when I was growing up. I still think they are adorable and when I saw this book, it brought back some sweet memories. Did you have a Kewpie doll?006 The Kewpie Primer was used for learning basics such as reading and counting. It is chock full of “pink” Kewpies.007



I would like to introduce a new-to-me blogger: Lynn at TeaCup Stitches. She has a great style and I adore her pinks today. I will be on the lookout for her darling pink wall pocket; it is so cool and I have never seen one before. Lynn is also having a Give Away so stop on by and say “hello”.

Blessings to you on this beautiful Pink Saturday!!!