Saturday, November 28, 2009



Thank you all for your prayers.My daughter, son in law and grandson were able to make their flight to be with us in Colorado for Thanksgiving.

Danielle, is doing well and I think it has been good for her to be with us, to recover and get lots of love .

She had surgery for a tubal pregnancy. Once the doctor got in there, nothing was found. Apparently she miscarried, and the doctor didn’t realize it. He thought he saw something in her tube. It was unnecessary surgery but we are thankful it was not  a tubal.  We are all so thankful that she is doing ok and was able to come. We are all sad about the baby but are trusting God.

The girls cooked all day.308 Sherry in Phoenix: that is your box of Cinnamon Bun potpourri on the table. :D It is on it’s way!307 007 The layered bar cookies are to die for!

Monica’s famous spinach artichoke dip. She serves is with slices of crusty french bread.008 014 We ran out of pie plates so the pumpkin pie turned into  mini pumpkin pies baked in the muffin tin.

011 This doesn’t look too pretty but the pistachio pineapple salad is so yummy. My 17 month old grandson hunted and found every little marshmallow in his serving. I have more pictures that I will be sharing soon.

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I am never happier and more content than when I have all my children together. We shared a traditional Thanksgiving feast with roasted turkey, honey ham, green been casserole, jello with sliced bananas, cucumber salad, mashed potatoes and gravy, sweet potatoes, cranberries, stuffing…AND, we had the exact same meal the next day, with all the leftovers. We are truly so thankful for our blessings. Even during tough times, God has never failed to provide.034

Anny and Penny love going for a stroll in their dog stroller. They don’t resist like I thought they would!035

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sissie said...

I am so happy that you were able to share Thanksgiving with your entire family. The photos are so special and very heart warming.
Your dinner menu looked yummy!