Monday, December 14, 2009

Muslin~Fabric Paint~Stencils

My girls and I love to work on projects when we get together. Thankfully, my oldest daughter, Danielle, her hubby and son were able to make it out for Thanksgiving. They have purchased their first home in San Diego and love a cottage/beach theme for decor.
The girls and I ran into Joann's and bought a yard of the cheapest muslin they had for 1.49.They had muslin up to 6.99 per yard but we wanted to try the cheapest to see if it was good enough. It was! We found some fabric paint in the color "Fawn" and chose some beach themed stencils. We cut the fabric to pillow-size. The girls used sponge brushes to dab on the paint inside the stencils. We found it easier to cut the stencils apart so the stencil doesn't lay on the wet paint as you move it around.

I sewed up their creations and let the girls stuff them with fiberfil. Danielle stuffed hers really full and Lilly, not so full. There really is no right or wrong way.
The pillows look sandy against the ocean/spa blue bedspread in Lilly's room. This was such a fun and easy project that we worked on and completed within 2 hours.

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sissie said...

Lovely, lovely pillows and what a good idea. So coastal elegant!
She will love them.