Sunday, September 13, 2009

Thrifty Monday~Williams Sonoma

Sometimes I really rake in the thrifty treasures. Sometimes I hit all my usual spots and see what I would like already going out in someone else's cart.

The ONLY thing I came up with in the last week is this set. It is a set of 4 luncheon size plates from Williams and Sonoma. They were never used and had the original packaging and cost 2.99 for all 4 at Goodwill. I believe it is from an "Oasis" collection. I have been using more yellow in my decorating, lately, and figured I can work them into a display somewhere.

I'll take another look for the plate hangers I bought approximately 1 year ago, and haven't seen since, and see if I like them on the wall.

Have you ever bought anything you didn't love just because it was a great deal? Ever spend due to fever and frenzy during the thrill of the hunt? These plates may fit into that scenario. I like them. Don't love them. Might love them later.

I have lost out on some items that were a good price but I debated with myself too long and the goods went home with someone else.

Hope you enjoy the Thrifty Finds event hosted by Rhoda at Southern Hospitality. It is always so inspiring to see what everyone is finding for very little $$$$$.

Have a blessed week!


Alicia said...

Wow, those are so pretty. I love that they are square. I can't wait to see them hung up.

Please stop by and say hi.
Be Well!

Dragonfly Treasure said...

Those are really pretty! They are going to look great!

Dawn said...

Yes, I've done both things too! Frustrating isn't it? Most recently with a decorative straw hat at an estate sale. I bought it because it was pretty and cheap even though it wasn't my style or colors. Thank goodness my mom loved it!

It might be that just one of the four really feels like it belongs. Have you ever held on to all the pieces of a set even though only one tickled your fancy? Me too.


Kammy said...

Hello ~
You are soooo correct - sometimes I buy cuz it is a super deal and don't have a use....then I find a use - don't worry you will too -
I love those plates !

gina @ The Tickle Pink Thrift said...

{darling} I love square plates! great find

black eyed susans kitchen said...

The plates are pretty. I always figure that if I buy something and then decide that I don't care for it, I can always sell it at a yard sale and hopefully get my money back. I really like those plates though.

Linda@Coastal Charm said...

Cute plates! I found some at a sale a few years back that were from Williams and Sonoma, but mine have seashells on them...I thought about them when I saw your post. If you change your...then resale might even make a profit.


Audra said...

These are just gorgeous! I "heart" Williams-Sonoma, their stuff is fantastic.