Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Farmer's Market

We live in a neighborhood north of Denver and get our groceries at Super Target, Costco or Safeway.

Lilly, our 14 year old, had a softball game in the country and hubby and I had time to kill. We found 3 farmer's market stands in a 2 block area. The farms came right up to the farmer's stands. That is probably common for many but unusual and exciting to us!

We had fun looking at and picking out all the fresh vegetables. We got Bugs Bunny carrots (what the kids call them) with the green tops attached. Fresh tomatoes and cucumbers. "Peaches and Cream " corn on the cob; so sweet it needed no butter.

There were about 5 different hot peppers. We got one called "Firecracker" the hottest one they had. I wasn't brave enough to try it but our 16 year old, Christian, can handle spicy hot and gave it a try. We are pretty sure we saw flames coming out his mouth and ears. The other kids grabbed milk and bites of chicken for him to help snuff out the burn. Did you know water doesn't help?
Limes do not grow in Colorado but they are such a staple in salsa, guacamole and other Mexican dishes that they are conveniently carried by the Farmers.
All of these veggies tasted so much better than what we have at the grocery stores. I hope we can get to the Farmer's Market again.
Seeing customers carrying out boxes and boxes of fruit and vegetables to can and freeze make me think that it is something I should do. I never have. I guess this city girl better look into it.


Sandra said...

Aaah, what beautiful food. :) I bet it is yummy. I wish we had a farmer's market in my area. boo hoo.

Pansy Cottage Girl said...

Hi Cindy~ no one told me that your not supposed to blog when your hungry! I looove veggies! I'm having a giveaway~come by and enter.

Lisa said...

Your basket of goodies is amazing! It will be sad to ruin it by eating them, but do eat them they will be yummy!!
Hugs, Lisa

Bill said...

What a beautiful display of fresh veggies! Looks absolutely mouth-watering!

Fun story about Christian trying the super-hot pepper!

Hope you and yours have an enjoyable weekend!