Sunday, September 20, 2009

Ma Chenille~Je t'adore

One of the things that makes me swoon is chenille. I love-love-love chenille anything. The hugely talented and gifted Cindy from Catnap Cottage makes exquisite pillows, sachets and other goodies from vintage textiles including my favorite chenille. I can barely contain my delight for this pillow made from a piece of a vintage peacock bedspread. And, to make it over-the-top dreamy; it has french lavender sewn inside. Gentle puffs of relaxation-inducing lavender put me right on my way to dreamland. Lassie sleeps better, too.
Coney discusses his turn for next time with Lassie.
Emmett sleeps well on my white chenille bedspread.

He likes it better with the lavender pillow.

He dares anyone to take it from him. We will all have to take turns.


Becky K. said...

Cute post.

I am posting about the plates you sent me today. It will be linked up to Blue Monday so more people will get to meet you!

Thanks so much!!!
The plates are adorable and the sachet is great!

Becky K.

Cottage In The Sun said...

What a pretty kitty! My kitty loves chenille, too - his favorite is pink!

The Catnap Cottage said...

Oh, how cute Emmett is on that pillow! I giggled with delight when I saw it!! I posted his picture and put a link to your page on my blog. Thanks for making my Monday!!

Maria Sinelnikov Farber said...


Maria Sinelnikov Farber said...

So cute!