Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Swirl of Lovins

I have really been missing my loves. Monica and Lilly are a week in to their 2 week visit with their older sister, Danielle, who lives in Southern California due to her husband being stationed in the Navy. Their son Philip just has his first birthday. Her hubby was out to sea when Philip decided to meet us 5 weeks early, but, myself and Philip's Aunties were there. We all love him so very much and I am in awe of my girls, the great relationships they have with each other and Philip.

It makes me wonder what we used to do. We are perfectly content to watch Philip's every breath, lip smack, eye blink. Every slight move creates a swirl of lovins; a smothering of kisses.

Danielle is such an amazing Mommy who is so tuned into her first born.

Aunt Monica is the tallest and lifts Philip the highest into the sky!

"Who loves baby? Mommy does!"

"Yes, Mommy is watching you!

This is the life!

Did you find a piece of sea glass for Grandma?

Great memories...


Country Wings in Phoenix said...

Oh Cindy! Isn't it just wonderful seeing Motherhood through our daughters? I love watching my daughter with her girls. It makes me wonder if that is how I looked. I loved the pics of the girls at the house with your grandbaby, how precious is that? Thanks for sharing as they had such a good time. Makes you feel like you were right there. So nice of them to share. Please stop by and say hi. Country Hugs, Sherry

graciegirl said...

Hey Cindy girl...grandma:)
Isnt life just wonderful in the arms of your grandchildren?
My daughter too is such an amazing mom.Your pics make me smile and miss my little ones.
Have a very great time with your family.