Sunday, July 26, 2009

Carl Larsson Print~My Happy Thrifty Find

I have always loved the whimsical, colorful style of painting by Swedish artist Carl Larsson.
I stopped into a Goodwill that is not in my neighborhood, looked around a bit at the "way expensive" collectibles, then startled my 22 year old son by screeching " it's a Carl Larsson print!". I plucked it from the pile, saw the $6 tag and did a happy dance. To the counter I went to pay and stared at the sales lady like she was out of her mind when she told me that all the framed prints were 1/2 off. Three puny bucks for my first print by Carl Larsson. Crazy happy dance!
There was a plain light brown frame around it. I just bought a can of Strawflower spray paint and decided to use it for this frame redo. I took the print out of the frame and took the frame out side and sprayed it completely in no more than 2 mins. I left for an appointment and then came the storm. It rained and hailed and thundered with lightening.
When the storm ceased and the sun dried everything off, I check out my frame. It is accidentally perfect! The Strawflower paint chipped off in places and the frame is, indeed weathered. And I love it! By the way, this Strawflower spray paint from Home Depot is the perfect soft/wheaty yellow and I plan to find more things to hit with it.

Here are some of Carl's other work; pieces I hope to add to my collection.


28 May 1853 - 22 January 1919

The Swedish artist Carl Larsson was born in 'Gamla stan', the old town in Stockholm, on May 28, 1853. His parents were extremely poor and his childhood sad and miserable. However, at the age of thirteen his teacher at the school for poor children urged him to seek entry into the 'principskola' of the Stockholm Academy of Fine Arts where he also got accepted. The first years at the 'principskola' he felt socially inferior, confused and shy. In 1869, sixteen years old, he got promoted to the 'antique school' of the same academy. There Carl Larsson became more sure of him self and he even became a central figure in student life. After several years as illustrator for books, magazines and newspapers Carl Larsson also spent several rather frustrating years in Paris as a hardworking artist without any success.

The turning point in Carl Larsson´s life came the year 1882 when he in Grez, a Scandinavian artist colony outside Paris, met Karin Berg√∂√∂ (1859-1928), who soon should be his wife. One could almost call it a metamorphose in Carl Larsson´s life. In Grez Carl Larsson painted some of his most important works - now in water-colour and very different from the more pretentious oilpainting technique.

Carl and Karin Larsson reared eight children and Karin and the children became Carl Larsson´s favourite models and many of those watercolours are now loved and cherished all over the world.

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Nicole @ BugaBoos said...

What an awesome find!! I love love love how the frame turned out and do love that color! How cool that it "accidentally" came out that way!!!

Sue said...

Your accident is aimply charming! Aged and worm with no effort whatsoever. The GW stores in our area never have % off days except for the seniors on Wed. for a whopping 10% LOL aren't they generous?

Cass @ That Old House said...

What a happy accident that was... the frame looks perfect with the old print. Love the Larsson find -- and for 6-dollars, you got a great bargain!
Good luck finding the rest of them!

~~Carol~~ said...

Oh, lucky lucky you!! I've loved Carl Larsson's work for a long time, but don't have any. And that color you painted the frame is so absolutely perfect! I think this is the best find that I've seen so far today! Love it!
By the way, I was looking at that Strawflower paint, and just couldn't decide, by looking at the cap, if it was the soft yellow I was looking for. We used to be able to test the paint on a piece of cardboard, but now they will call the police if you do, because some people sprayed naughty words! But looking at your frame, I can see it is definitely what I'm looking for. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Cindy, I love Carl Larsson's work. He paints a world I wish I had grown up in. What a wonderful find. I think I want to shop at YOUR Goodwill!

Gracie said...

Hey Cindy
You are so good at finding these gems...way to go!
Ive seen his work before but knew nothing of him until now,good info,and I have become a fan.
Good job on the frame.
Come over and I'll introduce you to my newest grandchild.