Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Bench Makeover

This was a birthday present from Hubby 10 years ago. It has been outside all 10 of those years.
I usually love chippy white finishes, but, this needed something new.

My daughters said I should paint it black. I ran to Home Depot for a quart of black with glossy finish, so the rain can roll off better (my theory; don't know if it's true).

Started painting with a 90 degree southern exposure sun beating down on my back and tops of my feet. "Man, this paint is really runny". "Maybe I need to stir it better"

Maybe it'll look better if a sweet 16 year old son paints it on.

Still looks bad. It is a sheer black gloss!!!! I bought the wrong thing! I hope I can find another project to use it on. I hate wasting $$$$

The right kind of paint does the job. Add a yellow, black and white striped cushion for a new look.


Dana said...

It looks great! I need to refinish a bookshelf and a dresser in the near future, but we're going for white.

Lisa said...

Love it!! the cushion is the cherry on top!
Hugs, lisa

Leslie said...

I have this same bench in my attic (in storage) and have often wondered how it would hold up outside. Mine is just stained.