Tuesday, November 10, 2009

A Twist on the Ol' Goodwill Routine

This is my post for 2nd Time Around Tuesday. It is my first time participating and I am almost into Wednesday, as well, but here it is anyway. Thanks, Diane, this is really fun!!!

On my recent trip to Oregon, I spied a huge Goodwill Outlet just blocks from my mother’s home. “How long has THAT been there?”, I screeched.

“Years, forever. We drive past it every time you come out to visit”.

I had truly never noticed it. The truth is, thrift stores of any kind simply were not on my radar. Until very recently, I would not go into thrift stores. Everything was “dusty”, “cruddy” and “stinky”.

Man, have I changed my ways!

This Goodwill was cavernous. Huge, high ceilings and big, flat bins with all kinds of junk just dumped in. I was rather timid as I felt surrounded by professionals. All these people were digging and rifling with abandon.

After finding the nerve to venture towards a bin with low attendance; all books, I picked up a couple of random books that had new covers. There were NO price tags! How does anyone know what to do?

I scanned the crowd with a bewildered look on my face. There is a woman dumping a pile of who-knows-what into a large scale. Ohhhhhhhh, is that a sign? It says $1.59 per pound up to 10 lbs, 10 lbs.-20 lbs is $1.39 per pound and so on…

Now, I understand why the book bin had such low attendance. I scooted with growing confidence to a bin filled with linens and struck GOLD. Into my clutches, with not a soul willing to fight me, was a delectable pile of unused April Cornell tablecloths, napkins and pillow covers with the $14 price tags still attached.

029 I have always loved April Cornell fabrics but they are expensive!



They are all gorgeous, not a dud in the bunch!030


032Here is one of the pillow covers.039 And here is the other.

040 What is this? A mint green chenille bedspread in Queen size. No stains, no holes. Love the color and the softness!044

034 After that, I found these large decorator fabric samples.

035 The monkeys kill me, love it! These are so beautiful and will most certainly be made into throw pillows, unless I come up with a better idea. So how much did the goods weigh? Between 5 and 6 pounds.And, guess what? Nothing had that funky smell. Of course I washed them anyway.

I sure like this place. Hope I can go back soon.038

I am busy making my scented goods for Holiday giving and have set aside some for my blogging friends. Check out the following links for details. Thanks for stopping by!

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sissie said...

You hit the Motherload!!!
I used to feel the same way about going in "those places," as I used to refer to them. But now, I'm first in line!! I hit our Habitat everyday. In fact the staff worries if they don't see me daily.

I'm visiting my sister this week so I'm going to go to a Goodwill store that I have never been to.
I'm sure I'll find something. Hope it's as good as your find.

Diane@A Picture is Worth.... said...

Wow! You certainly did walk in that store at exactly the right moment!

At one time I never visited thrift stores, now it is all I can do to keep from going every day! LOL

Thanks so much for linking to 2nd Time Around!