Sunday, November 1, 2009

Boo-No Chocolate!

Every year for Trick or Treating, I issue a disclaimer to all my kids and their friends that I get their Almond Joys and Butterfingers. Dark chocolate, too and bonus points if the dark chocolate has almonds in it. Raiding their bags for said items could not be held against me. I have been able to count on this tradition for 27 years.

It was not a banner year to score the goods from my kid's Halloween candy stash. First of all, my 2 youngest are 14 and 17. They dress up, for fun, but really don't go Trick or Treating anymore except at a few neighbors with whom we are friends.

The usual solid back up plan was a bust, as well. Did you ever imagine that Coscto would be out of the good candy at 4:30 PM on October 31st. Scandalous! I looked for the Fun Bars, Hershey's Special Nuggets and Chocolate Kiss variety packs. There were NONE.

I was embarrassed that fellow shoppers looking in my cart would see low-ball Smartees, Swee Tarts, Dum Dums and microscopic pink Tootsie Rolls. I , also, got a box of Toy Story fruit snacks.

Oh well, these actually are my dear Hubby's favorites. I guess he will be in hog-heaven for months to come.


Sarah said...

Only the small size Snickers for my treats this year. Hubby was thrilled when he found 5 left in the bowl at nights end. There were none by morning. LOL

Cindy said...

My kids weren't feeling well, so they didn't bring home much haul this year either. Plus my hubby bought some of that disgusting 'sour' candy (hot dogs, can you imagine the grossness?) to hand out, so I've been left with nuthin'. Here's hoping for a good cache next year!