Thursday, December 16, 2010

Teaching Daughter the Important Things


shabbynestbutton Today is Frugal Friday at The Shabby Nest and I’m at the party! I love seeing all the creative ways people use inexpensive or free items; I always leave the party with new projects I just have to try!

My best friend is spray paint. I buy several cans at a time of Heirloom White, Colonial Red and Harbor Blue at Home Depot.

Each one of my children has seen me blast away at my targets with a can of spray paint. My youngest Lily thought it looked like fun and, indeed it is! I know how important it is to teach our children the important things in life: a relationship with Jesus, respect, manners, kindness, healthy eating and exercise…..and what one can do with a can of spray paint.

It was 65 degrees in Denver (crazy warm for this time of year). At a time when normally I could not be outside due to freezing temps, I dragged out the table and Harbor Blue spray paint.

This little white secretary table was a cheap Craig’s List find; $20. It was in perfect condition but I’ve never seen a piece that couldn’t be re-painted needed or not!


Here Lily gets a start on the spraying. You really can’t mess up a shabby style.002

004It’s starting to show it’s new color.  The knobs are fine but it would be fun to switch them up.003

Guess who got the table? Lily loved how it turned out and I think she was proud of finishing it herself. She had her brother deliver it to her bedroom and set it up will all her girly things; mirror, make up, hair brush and curling irons... She loves it and I do too!026 027


vintage vine said...

The blue color is awesome!!! I need to try a blue like that. Thanks for sharing.

sissie said...

Hi Cindy,
That's a great idea! Teach her that castaways can be repurposed and remade to look pretty again.

She did a very good job and I love how she is using it.


Anonymous said...

Really good craigsList find. I think the blue is a perfect choice. Fun knobs might be the next thing to try, depending upon the room it is used in.


That is a beautiful shade of blue. Your daughter did a great job with it.

Lynn@ The Vintage Nest said...

That blue color is so pretty and that desk is so sweet. I was just at a friend's home and was amazed at all her Craig's List pieces she had...unbelievable. They were all beautiful. Now I am on the look out at Criag's to find a new bedroom armoire. :)

Frenchy said...

Love love I love to paint and spray pain too ! I have something i want to spray light blue and i have been too busy ! Haaaa
Love it ! Love your piece !
Merry Christmas !