Sunday, March 28, 2010

Reeses, Finally!


I found this really beautiful calico cat through Lucky Paws Cat Rescue. I had been looking for another rescue cat because of Emmett, our other rescue cat. Emmett is the best cat anyone could ever hope for and I imagined a companion for him. I imagined the 2 cats snuggling together, chasing around and wrestling each other, posing in a sunny window together.

So we brought this pretty 3 year old kitty home. The kitty, who 10 minutes earlier was cuddling and purrring loudly in our arms, shot away from us the second we put her down in our home. We didn’t see her for 3 days. We had search parties with all our kids and their friends. We scoured every nook and cranny; it was if she evaporated into thin air. I thought , maybe ,she got out of the house and was on a journey back to her previous family, because she missed them that much. Her previous family adopted her as a kitten and when they had their own baby 3 years later, they lost interest in her. How sad is that? Worse, I was afraid she was going to die in our house and how would we deal with that tragic event? How would we explain that we rescued a cat to have her die in our home?

I guess hunger eventually causes the most timid to surface. She has been showing up once in awhile for some lovins and kibble. She hisses at poor Emmett who really doesn’t understand why the lady cat doesn’t find him as charming as we do.  I guess we’ll just keep doing what we are doing and hope that she will grow to love us and be comfortable and cozy in her new home.

She looks so serious, doesn’t she? I hope she smiles soon.006 003-1 003

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Lisa said...

Oh I hope it works out! Cats can be so funny! They really forget things quick. I hope she and Emmett get along. Sometimes it is hard. Give her time. If you have one room you can get her in and let her get to know you and your family and Emmett in small doses it can help. I know it sounds bad but she needs a smaller section to deal with that she can feel comfortable with. You do need to visit with her daily to get her ok with you all being there. It will work she needs time!
Hugs, Lisa

sissie said...

She's so sweet, yet sad looking. I think she just needs lots of love and understanding and she will come around.

She does look sad but just think how she feels after being removed from the only home she has ever known.

I'm so glad that you are giving her a home and love. She will get used to Emmett and Lisa has given you some great advice.


LV said...

I am not a cat lover, but this one is cute. Thanks for visiting your comment.

Bella said...

Hi Cindy,
I love your beautiful kitties and that you have a housefull too.
When I bought twiggy home he had lived a pretty bad life, and wouldn't let me near him. To go outside to potty it was open the door and stand way back and he would bolt by. We worried for a long time he would never love us... but he came around and is still more independent then the others but the sweetest boy around.
Thanks so much for stopping by with your kind words!