Sunday, March 21, 2010

Blue Monday With Rainn Wilson

After taking a Blue Monday off last week, I am back and I sure missed this party! I am always thankful to our dear hostess Sally over at Smiling Sally’s Blogspot. Be sure to skip on over for a great way to start the week, by visiting all the sweet Blue Monday guests.

blue_monday[3] I was scrounging around the house for something blue when my gazed halted on this book on my bookshelf. The series of books about the NO. 1 Ladies Detective Agency are lovely stories centered around Precious Ramotswe and her detective business in the country of Botswana. I have read all the books of this series by Alexander McCall Smith. The stories are amusing, mysterious and full of the culture in this lovely country.

I can’t recall an event in my life where blue shoes brought me happiness but boy did I want a pair of patent leather Go-Go boots when I was in the 4th grade. I didn’t care if they were white, black or brown. At the time, though, I knew a pair would surely bring me happiness!


A couple of weeks ago, I painted this bird cage and shutter aqua. I knew the cage needed some jazzing up and it is now home to a white cast iron bird and a pot of flowers. I think I will be changing it up with other items, fairly often.



Yes, I am star struck and living it through my niece, Claire. Claire is a freshman at the University of San Francisco and took a trip to L.A with some friends. She saw Dwight Shrute, I mean Rainn Wilson from The Office, exiting a Starbucks. Claire has not a shy bone in her body and asked for a pic, which he gladly obliged. The office is one of my favorite shows. Every character is so clearly defined and every character is someone I could have worked with at some point over the years. I can always count on laughing like crazy and cringing like crazy, too, every episode.

And, yes both of their shirts are blue! What about you? Have you ever “run into” a celebrity???



sissie said...

I actually ran into Bill Cosby at the Atlanta Airport. We were standing in line to check in and the line was long.
An agent motioned to Mr. Cosby to move up to his counter for immediate service. Mr. Cosby told him that he would wait in line like everyone else! I thought that was really cool.

I have read the No.1 Ladies Detective Agency books. Did you know there was a series on HBO.

Thank for a great post.


Debbie@Debbie-Dabble said...

iis gorgeous and I love what you did with the little vignette inside of it! Do you know that I live 15 minutes away from Scranton, Pa.? The setting for the office???

SmilingSally said...

Love the blue book. Happy Blue Monday.

♥ Kathy said...

I met Andrew McCarthy on Venice Beach in California :) Neat blues! Happy Blue Monday!

Dawn said...

That sounds like an interesting book series. I love the aqua you chose for the bird cage and shutter. It's lovely.

maria said...

I love what you did with the cage. It's beautiful. Happy Blue Monday.

Mine is here.

Ann Creek said...

Birdcages are my all time fav. I have several, like what you did with the blue.

Eden said...

Great job. I like what you did to the birdcage. Happy Blue Monday