Sunday, March 14, 2010

Monday Thrifty Treasures!

I was totally shocked and surprised to see that Rhoda at Southern Hospitality is again hosting Thrifty Treasure parties on Mondays. I didn’t think it would come back and I was sorry about that. When I entered this world of blogging, Rhoda’s Meme was the first one I participated in and it quickly became a favorite. I still am a thrifting maniac so I am excited to be back and I am excited that Rhoda’s party is back! Thanks, Rhoda, for making my day!

The vase below was found at the Salvation Army Thrift Store. It is a sweet and spring-vase and is a Laura Ashley design. I don’t know anything about it, how old it is, what collection it is from. It was really dirty, like some flowers rotted inside and then the vase was stored away without being cleaned. It cleaned up quite nicely, thank goodness! For 3.00, it was a pretty good deal.

001 I found 3 pillows at the Goodwill near my home. I love the shabby flower design and the faded colors. Normally, I don’t boy things like, well, pillows because I am afraid of what could be lurking inside. These, however, were pristine and the fabric is top quality. I sniffed them really hard. Other shoppers steered clear of the crazy lady holding pillows in front of her face, sniffing and turning them every direction. Crazy Lady paid $2 each.

001 006I found this tulip print at the same Goodwill. It was still covered in plastic and attached to the cardboard backing that keeps it from bending. The black frame is one I already had. The print was $1.99.

So, I did pretty well. 10.99 for some sweet pieces that I really like and will put to good use.

Thanks for stopping by and go visit Rhoda for a complete list of participants in Monday’s Thrifty Treasures~ Wooohoooooo!


ThriftyAnnabella said...

LOL - I do the same thing. If I see a pillow I like at Goodwill I'm usually the crazy lady in the corner giving it the third degree.

Linda said...

Love the tulips...sooooo PRETTY!
Hope you have a great week:)


Mrs. P. said...

Terrific finds!! I LOVE that vase and would have scooped it up :)


CollectIn Texas Gal said...

Hi Cindy....I just knew you were a Thriftin Gal! And you sure are with the great finds you have shown today. I always look at vases and would have snatched that one up, too. I do look at the pillows, but seldom find ones as nice as the one you found...good smellin! Thanks for the shout out about Mondays Thrifty Treasures. I'll check it out. Have a great week....Sue

Kiki said...

Wonderful pretty! Sounds like a fun meme..maybe i'll play soon too! Gorgeous post..beautiful..I love that vase!

Anonymous said...

You scored some really pretty finds. They all look really nice with each other. Are you going to use them in the same space?

Laura said...

I did that too! I stood in the corner sniffing and sniffing! Nice to meet ya crazy lady. My name's crazy lady too! Your pillows are lovely!

Lisa said...

Hugs, Lisa