Sunday, November 7, 2010

Blue Monday More Beachy-Theme

blue_monday[3] It’s another Blue Monday; my favorite way to start the week. Click on the birdie button to attend the Blue Monday party hosted by Smiling Sally. You will see lots of great Blues and get some great Blue ideas.

My first picture for Blue Monday shows one of the reasons I had to take a blogging break. Lilly , 15 years old, dislocated her knee at Softball. She swung the bat really hard, her cleat stuck in the grass and her upper leg kept going. I still get the shivers when I think of how it happened and how  hubby and I arrived at the field to see her surrounded by paramedics; an IV drip, an oxygen mask and, worse, the unmistakable incorrect placement of her kneecap, obvious even  from a distance.

It didn’t get better;she still had excruciating pain. After doctor appointments, x rays, an MRI, and physical therapy, we learned from a wonderful doctor at Children’s Hospital that her meniscus was torn, there was several small fractures and a chunk of cartilage was floating where it shouldn’t be.  The picture below shows Lilly looking good and ready for her surgery. Her dad and I are looking smart in our blue paper suits we had to wear into the operating room. The pictures post surgery are much sadder looking. Knee surgery, no matter how well done, really is painful.

The surgery went very well and she is recovering with a leg brace that keeps her leg straight while she walks.It’s a huge contraption she calls her “Bionic Leg”. We are all hopeful that she will recover well enough to play softball again next Spring.037

190Moving on to the blue in my home. I love the colors of the beach and sea and here is a display on my mantle of a very soft blue vase with floral stems that have sea shells attached. I have an empty white frame that showcases different things all the time. Right now there is a lace doily and a jar of blue, green and white sea glass.200

Another blue vase holds some more green stems with seashells attached. Did you know it is easy to glue little shells to any stems or branches you may have. I stuck a few berry springs in as a way of bringing in some Fall color.199

I have had this framed print of the little girl at the beach for about 17 years. I also have a little boy from the same series. They had the dated gold frames that had to go. I painted this one white and just need to get to the other. I always seem to run out of time, but, little by little, my projects get done.

You may notice the frame is a bit battered and scraped. That is OK! I am all about the weathered –shabby-beach cottage look. 196 A bowl of luscious smelling flowers; gardenias(?) I believe. They don’t grow in Colorado. I found these at Pottery Barn on clearance for just a couple of dollars.193 192

The other end of the mantle has more lacy doilies, beach glass, seashells and an ocean blue candle on the white and blue-washed candle stick.The framed picture is my Lilly at the beach in San Diego a year ago.

I sure appreciate that you stopped by. I hope you enjoy all the Blue Monday posts and I wish you a week full of joy!


☆Mama Ko☆ said...

Get well soon. Everybody looks so happy

Auntie E said...

Oh now that is painful. Hope she will be able to play again.

Donnie said...

My husband did about the same thing in a motorcycle accident and we feel for her. We hope she gets better soon. Love all your blue beachy things. That's my style too.

SmilingSally said...

Poor Lily! I'm glad to hear that she is on "the other side of surgery" and recovering.

Your beach-look is just perfect.

Happy Blue Monday, Patti!

Becky K. said...

How frightening it must have been for you to come upon that scene!
So glad the surgery is behind her.

Your beachy theme is so calm and soothing.

Have a great day!

Sandi @the WhistleStop Cafe said...

Beautiful beachy scenes!
Maybe a trip to the Alabama Gulf Coast for recovery :-)... We can always dream!

Deborah Kay at The Paint Splash said...

Praying you daughter heals quickly. Love all your blues. I am sharing part of my 100th blog giveaway today so hope you can come by! Blessings Debbie

chubskulit said...

Glad to know that the surgery went well, get well soon!

Blue at Spice Up Your Life, have A nice Monday!

Jingle said...

blessings, prayers for the patient.
Happy Blue Monday.

Joy said...

Poor girl, Hope Lily heals up fast.
Love that little girl print! Happy Blue Monday!