Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Take the Plastic Off the Lampshade

017 I have an ongoing obsession with beach colors; sands,shells,shabby whites, blues and greens.My daughter also needed a new lamp for her bedroom. She was using a floor lamp from Target but the light bulb globe –cover-thing broke off. All she had was a light bulb on a floor stand. Haha. I stopped into Marshall’s and found this luscious light aqua lamp and shade on clearance for 19.99. Not bad! 016018 The sticker on the shade says to remove the cover before use.  I had a flashback to the 1970’s when I has in high school. I went home with a girlfriend after school. Her living room was very fancy Victorian with gilded accents, and velvets. That’s all I really remember, and I hadn’t thought about it again until now; 30 years later.

Every lamp shade was covered in plastic. Every piece of furniture was zipped in to these clear vinyl covers. Of course I don’t have a picture to show. Back then, one didn’t carry a digital camera or cell phone everywhere; they didn’t exist!

But I did find a picture of the best example I could come up with.


Did you or do you now know someone that has vinyl-encased furniture. Is the plastic wrap off your shades?  I’m pretty sure there is a sub culture of furniture wrappers out there.

If it is wrapped up, it will stay nice forever but it’s not very cozy. Especially, on a hot, sweaty day.


The Catnap Cottage said...

Gorgeous lamp - I know what you mean. I forgot to take the plasic off my little lamps at the cottage in the guest room and did not realize it until I had carefully taken pictures and posted them on my blog, so if you dig deep, you can find my gorgeous vintage lamps with those plastic covered shades! I did take the plastic off, but left the picture up - it gives a little authenticity to the "vintage" look LOL!!!

Sandy said...

I'm with you.. I take the plastic cover off before it even gets home.. in fact I even put a new fabric cover on the lamp shades (to go with the room)... you will have to admit, most shades are plastic or ugly fabric!
Good post!

sissie said...

This is so funny. I had an Aunt who left the plastic on her lamps! They were so dusty. LOL.

I'm telling my age here but remember the Mary Tyler Moore show and Rhoda that lived upstairs. Rhoda's Mom had plastic covers on all of her furniture! So funny.


Barb said...

OMG- the plastic on the furniture took me wayyyy back to my childhood. Yikes!


Simple Southern Happiness said...

Boy, does that take me back. Only the plastic wrap back then was like a slipcover, it had elastic on the top and bottom. Kinda' like a shower cap for lampshades. They were meant to keep the shade clean. Oh the plastic coverings... Ripped much skin from the back of my legs after sitting on that stuff, you get up and you leave the back of your legs where you were sitting. Later it was changed to sheets. Our house always looked like we were leaving on a long trip, all the furniture was covered. Only removed for company.

CollectIn Texas Gal said...

Isn't it funny what little things trigger a memory tidbit? I remember my Mom leaving plastic on the lamps, but not on the furniture as it was usually bought second hand. When I got married and had my own lamps, I thought lamps were suppose to have the plastic on forever. Here in dusty West Texas it seemed like a good idea. I wish I still had my first Early American, amber globe, maple wood, ruffled shade, plastic covered lamp....thanks for the forgotten lamp memory...Sue

racheld said...

Many, many memories of more noise from the crinkling than from the conversation.

When we first moved up here, we house-sat for a couple who went to FL for the Winter. She said to use all the kitchen items and laundry, etc.

She didn't say anything about all the den furniture. I looked at it as long as I could; it was all covered with afghans---the scratchy kind, and all of different patterns and clashing colors. On the sofa with the best angle for the TV, I peeled off the afghan, then encountered so many layers of coverings, I took pictures so I could get them all back on in the proper order---sheets, then blankets, and much else.

After removing several, including a big, jagged-cut piece of crumbly foam which must once have been a bed-topper, I discovered the old fave: clear plastic, so old that IT was yellowed and cracking.

The furniture beneath was lovely, but I don't think it had ever seen the light of day.

And I DID get it all back on before they came home.