Friday, June 4, 2010

PInk Saturday Crystal Wind Chimes

pinksatbut Thank you for stopping by my little place for Pink Saturday. Beverly at How Sweet the Sound is the host of this fun event. Folks from all over show their pink treasures. I have been “at it” for nearly a year and it’s as fun now as it was then.

Fragile Indeed.


Lots of bubble wrap, tissue and peanuts.004006The individual crystal prisms were individually wrapped.

007There was no “tearing in”, to this package. I had to practice patience while carefully cutting each piece free.

008  Yep, that is a pink crystal drop.009

Here is a floral embellishment. How lovely! It reminds me of Italian Tole; perhaps it is. Does anyone know their Tole? If so, do tell me. It’s ok if it is not. I still love it!009


My kitchen window has a southern exposure. It makes it easier to get going in the morning after the sleep walk to the kitchen for coffee, when colorful rainbows from the crystals are bouncing around the room.  When I open the kitchen window, the wind chimes play their songs. A crystal wind chime wins over all the other wind chimes for it’s delicate and clear tones. 011 012


014 If you would like to see more crystal wind chimes, as well as other glorious creations, check out Sheri’s Crystal Designs. Sheri is one talented gal; she has the knack of putting pieces together that are swoon-worthy. There are stunning and luxurious on so many levels; colors, shapes, tones.

Have a great Pink Saturday and stay cool. Today, was the first day it was so warm, in Colorado, that we had to hook up the swamp cooler. Today was the first day my roses peeked at me, too.


Brenda-shabbycatsandroses said...

Hi Cindy, Those windchimes are gorgeous!! I'll have to check her site out! I bet they play heavenly music :)

Happy Pink Saturday to you

Warmest, Brenda

Simple Southern Happiness said...

Someone really wrapped that with love. Its so pretty and what a showing it will be when the sun hits it. Dance Of The Reflections will be all over the place.
Happy Pink Saturday.

Martha said...

What a pretty treasure~

Naturegirl said...

Cindy I love fairytales so I rushed over here to your blog!Oh my I LoVe that crystal wind chime I can imagine the twinkling sound it makes calling all little fairies!
Happy PS!

Kiki said...

HI dazzling..i love this charming chime!!

Anonymous said...

Happy Pink Saturday!

Love this pink crystal drop!

~ Gabriela ~

Cathy said...


I have one of Sheri's windchimes hanging in my kitchen window too!

I look at it's beauty every morning. I bought it to put outside, but it's way to gorgeous.

I'm so glad you have one too!

Happy Pink Saturday,


CollectIn Texas Gal said...

Really pretty windchime, altho, I'd hate for one of these West Texas Winds to blow....broken crystals all over the place. Good idea to hang it where it gets light for the crystals go shine. Happy Pink Saturday, Cindy.

Maggie said...

Those are almost too elegant to hang outside, or to be considered windchimes. So pretty!

Happy PS!

Do These shoes match this purse?

Lynn-Teacupstitches said...

Hi Cindy!
Momma Mia that is one gorgeous wind chime!! So sparkly chic!
I'm a packageripperopener so know exactly how patient you had to be opening such a bubblewrapped treasure!!
Enjoy your sparkling mornings!!

Pink Saturday Hugs and Smiles,
P.S. I'm having a giveaway if you'd like to pop over and see!

Lisa said...

Oh my! That is truly lovely! Enjoy!!
Hugs, Lisa

Vintage Remixed said...

Hi Cindy,

Thanks for stopping by. Love the chadelier.

Anonymous said...

Happy belated Pink Saturday (I'm sorry, didn't have time enough to visit everybody in one day!)

Have a nice week ! Love Es XX

Pat said...

I'm way behind reading this week's PS posts. I'm so glad I read yours - wonderful!

Gail @ Faithfulness Farm said...

Oh, beautiful is that!!


Vintage Porcelain Art By Amy Enright said...

Just popped in to say Happy Pink Saturday and Happy 4th of July!