Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Recognize Him?

I am basking in the knowledge that the Lord cares about me. Really taking it in and enjoying it all day.

I had been feeling overwhelmed and teary about a number of things. I really miss my oldest daughter and grandson. And, I’ve really been missing my children when they were little. When I had all my babies safe and sound, following a- long beside me, I was a content mother hen. I enjoy all the stages of seeing them grow up and I adore them all; my precious blessings. They have friends, sports,school, jobs and other fish to fry. That is how it is suppose to be. I am having to redefine my role in this stage of my life and it is not so easy. I am not bored, by any means. Things are just different.

My hubby and I had dinner with some friends the other night. They can not wait, CAN NOT WAIT, until their youngest child graduates from high school and leaves for college next year. Then they will be empty nesters! WooHoooo! I dread the idea and find their glee, well, I don’t get it.

OK, so a friend I haven’t spoken with in awhile, brought me a surprise. She found this little fella at an estate sale and thought of me immediately. I was so shocked and speechless. This is so ME. It is something, of which, I have never, ever spoken. It is something that I remember fondly from my childhood.My mother loved him , too and even brought home someone , that looked like him, when I was 6 years old and my sister was 5.

002 Do you recognize this face?006  003 How about now?

007 Yes, it is the RCA dog! I have never seen a statue of him. I love him! My friend was probably shocked at my tearful thanks. Her act was just on time, perfectly executed, to bring a smile and joy to my heart. I am thankful to my friend and I am thankful to God for reminding me that He cares. It is these “out of the blue surprises”, that warm my heart. I pray that I will be tuned in to promptings from the Lord so I will act in ways that will minister to others.004005

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Nancy said...

Cindy, I can so empathize about missing your children. My son attends college in New Orleans. We are in Vermont. (and, totally, unable to afford it here.) Trips to see him are going to be difficult this year. He was home for almost 3 weeks and now two weeks after he returned to school, my husband and I are still all confused and unproductive. This was his first visit back to VT (notice I didn't say home, the south is our/his home now) in a year and a half. I cannot EVEN imagine wanting your children to graduate and leave. Of course, we want them to find their own life, but to be so far away...The slightest reminder, a song, a TV show, etc. prompts tears here, too.

I'm right there with you!

And, then, you have a special friend who finds the most special gift! How lucky are we?