Thursday, October 29, 2009

What a Wedding!

037 Can’t say I’ve ever been to a wedding quite like this, before.

“Waiter, there’s a bat in my juice!”

The cake topper: Frankenstein and Bride of Frankenstein.039   065

The bride’s gown was classic and gorgeous.

102 The sun came out in Washington State on this beautiful Autumn day.

  049 The groom and  groomsmen wore black with orange ties.

052 The brides maids all wore black in designs of their choice.

087 There were tattoos and crazy-piercings everywhere.


The flowers were gorgeous.157  152  060

The food was delicioso!

123  The Fall decor, so pretty.


The traditional wedding events all occurred.


We sent the couple off with a zillion bubbles.


The Christian ceremony was well done and the couple gracious and happy, loving; great families.

I am so glad I was able to fly out for my second cousin’s wedding.

Still! The cake toppers were darn weird, but fit in with the couple’s personalities.

I guess.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Show and Tell-Estate Sales~Not such a bad thing

My little sister and I went to an estate sale with our mother when I was 10 years old. We went into one of the little rooms of the stately old home in Portland, Oregon. Spread out on the table was an assortment of Easter chicks, baskets, bunnies and sweet pictures. My sister and I liked the goodies but noticed our mother turning red and tearing up. She wisked our confused selves out of there and we went home.
Mom explained; "I just imagined this gentle old lady setting these things out for her grandchildren's delight and now she is dead. It is just so sad."
We have a very sentimental family. My mom cries at everything.
I learned from that moment that it is a depressing thing to rummage through dead people's life.
Thirty-nine years later I am at an estate sale by accident. I had been looking for some toile- anything and a fuzzy pic in a Craigslist ad showed what appeared to be a toile print on a sofa. There are 2 of them and are 200.00 apiece. I made arrangement to go look and found myself in the middle of an estate sale on it's third day. (Instant fear and flashback)
I decided to play a long since I was there anyway. I found these lovely handpainted French lunceon plates; 6 for $10. They are each different with all kinds of beautiful detailing, black-etched birds, scrollies and framboises of pink, red and lime green.
The back of the plates say "Gien"

014 016

013These lavender pressed glass hear dishes are sweet at $6 for 4 of them.

010 These are indeed toile. Blue on a cream-yellow back ground. They are just the style I like-a slip-covered look. They are clean, perfect, no crumbs under the cushions. The feet have not been chewed by puppies. Did she ever sit on them?

They are 200.00. Maybe I can get one of them.

What? It is 200.00 for BOTH of them? I can have them BOTH for 150.00? Are you sure?

011 009

007 006

008 And this needle point chair, that goes with it perfectly, is another 75.00?

So, I have a brand new living room with the objects of my dreams, waaaay better than what I could find in a furniture store. Better quality, much cheaper.

I have to tell my mom.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Pink Saturday~Pink for Awareness

This bouquet of pink roses are completely made of thin-sliced wood and are rose-scented.

Rubber bracelets have been around for a long time. I like these pink ones with positive messages.

Sweet pink rubber duckies are irresistible.

Every family has been touched by breast cancer in some way. In my family, 2 maternal aunts are survivors and 1 maternal aunt lost her battle. My daughter's mother-in-law died from breast cancer soon after my daughter and her son's wedding. She was the greatest person you could hope to meet and she is dearly missed. I know she would be enjoying her first grandson so much and we will be sure to share all our memories with him.

Take good care of yourself and have regularly scheduled mammograms. Early detection is the key!

Hop on over for a ton more pink hosted by Beverly at How Sweet The Sound. It's always a great party

Monday, October 5, 2009

New Blogger~Already a Winner!

I entered the world of blogging on May 17 of this year. Not with any expectations of any sort except to have a diary of special events for my family, meet some new friends and get inspirations for decorating, cooking and thrifting from talented Bloggers.
Blogging has been a wonderful experience! I have met the kindest people. I have learned lots of decorating tips. I have learned to decorate without major angst over having to do things perfectly.
And now I am a winner!!!! I didn't know when I started blogging that I could win things. For free! And I really won something that made my heart sing! Look at this fabulous, reversable apron. It is handmade with an expert's touch. It is in scrumptious colors and even has a pocket on each side. You've got to see the rest of Sharon, the Pansy Girl's treasures. You will see things you want, that is for certain!
I NEVER win anything but I did this time, A bonus result of blogging!
My daughter's and I have used this apron heavily, already. When it arrived , it was pressed and folded so perfectly.

Since I won this, great things have happened for Sharon. Orders of her products are being shipped to Dubai and Japan! Wow, she has international accounts; not many can say that and this blessing could not happen to a sweeter, deserving person. Congratulations to you!!!!!
And thank you for your generous gift to me. :)