Friday, October 16, 2009

Show and Tell-Estate Sales~Not such a bad thing

My little sister and I went to an estate sale with our mother when I was 10 years old. We went into one of the little rooms of the stately old home in Portland, Oregon. Spread out on the table was an assortment of Easter chicks, baskets, bunnies and sweet pictures. My sister and I liked the goodies but noticed our mother turning red and tearing up. She wisked our confused selves out of there and we went home.
Mom explained; "I just imagined this gentle old lady setting these things out for her grandchildren's delight and now she is dead. It is just so sad."
We have a very sentimental family. My mom cries at everything.
I learned from that moment that it is a depressing thing to rummage through dead people's life.
Thirty-nine years later I am at an estate sale by accident. I had been looking for some toile- anything and a fuzzy pic in a Craigslist ad showed what appeared to be a toile print on a sofa. There are 2 of them and are 200.00 apiece. I made arrangement to go look and found myself in the middle of an estate sale on it's third day. (Instant fear and flashback)
I decided to play a long since I was there anyway. I found these lovely handpainted French lunceon plates; 6 for $10. They are each different with all kinds of beautiful detailing, black-etched birds, scrollies and framboises of pink, red and lime green.
The back of the plates say "Gien"

014 016

013These lavender pressed glass hear dishes are sweet at $6 for 4 of them.

010 These are indeed toile. Blue on a cream-yellow back ground. They are just the style I like-a slip-covered look. They are clean, perfect, no crumbs under the cushions. The feet have not been chewed by puppies. Did she ever sit on them?

They are 200.00. Maybe I can get one of them.

What? It is 200.00 for BOTH of them? I can have them BOTH for 150.00? Are you sure?

011 009

007 006

008 And this needle point chair, that goes with it perfectly, is another 75.00?

So, I have a brand new living room with the objects of my dreams, waaaay better than what I could find in a furniture store. Better quality, much cheaper.

I have to tell my mom.


Mary @ Framed and Tagged said...

Wow!!...what a deal you got!
I have never gone to an estate sale before!...maybe I need to start checking them out.

Have a wonderful day!!!

Glenda/MidSouth said...

You got some good deals. Thanks for sharing.

Mary said...

I love estate sales. You can get such great bargains there. Thank you for sharing.


Red's Nest said...

What a steal! I love them and I love estate sales. I go almost every weekend if there's one close by. My very first post mentions my trips to estate sales. I just started blogging last week. You really got a good deal - enjoy!

Sarah said...

Wow! You definitely went to right place. Love the Gien luncheon plates. You know that is a terrific price for these too. I'm thrilled for you that this was such a positive experience. You may have started a new trend in your family. LOL


Oh my goodness that chair is beautiful! I love it!!!

Sandi@ My Yellow Door said...

Wow! What a wonderful buy you got! I would change out my pink living room in a jiffy if I could find blue toile furniture like that. Just beautiful!! Happy Pink Saturday.


Leann said...

I'm sure the original owner would be glad that you LOVE your new furniture. I know that's how I would feel. If our sons don't want something, I want someone to have it that does.

Great bargains by the way!

Coralie Cederna Johnson said...

Estate sales are actually really wonderful! I always remember I am are giving someone's favorite treasures a good home. Now what could make anyone happier than that! Have a great pink Saturday and be sure to come visit!

Jeannine said...

Super deal and worth redoing the whole room for. What a fortuitous sale. It is a little sad to go through someone's house. I think that's why gargae sales are more popular, random things not in their usual places are easier not to be sentimental about.

The Faded Cottage said...

Oh My, what a fabulous deal you got!! The couches look really comfy and that needpoint chair is tooo pretty!! Thanks for stopping by my blog, I hope to "see" you again:))
Smiles to you, Janice

someplace in thyme said...

I love your story today. In many ways I am like your mom. This feeling is something that I have to fight off. Instead of seeing that someone has pasted on or is loosing something meaningful to them, I prefer to think that they would be so grateful that their cherished items will be loved by another.......hope that helps, altho I doubt you need any help, look at the gorgeous things you found, Happy Pink Saturday, and I bet your mother is pleased, Char

Nancy @ La Chambre Rose said...

I have shopped at many estate sales. I feel the same way your mother does except now I am sure I will take very good care of the precious finds. I have convinced myself they have found a good home. Your new sofas and chair have found a good home. I'm sure she is so happy, too.

Still visiting around Pink Saturday posts and wishing you a wonderful week. (I did read both!)

sissie said...

Love the blue toile and the blue chair. What a beautiful room you will have when you finish with it.
Be sure and post new pics.
Great job!

Lisa said...

Score!! You did great! I know you are so excited! A new room!! Love your new background too! It's fun!
Hugs, Lisa

The DIY Show Off said...

What great finds! I love estate sales. You found some treasures! Those plates are so cute!


Cindy ~ My Romantic Home said...

Oh my did great! I get that same feeling at Estate Sales. It's so sad. I know when I buy something there though that it's because I really love it and I hope the person would be happy that I appreciate it!

Bellamere Cottage said...

Score for the Fairy Tale Cottage! Wow!