Friday, December 9, 2011

Is Painting Faces Like Painting Furniture?

I didn’t want but had to anyway. It was apparent that I needed an income but I loved having a schedule that allowed me to be available to my family, friends, crafting and decorating and whatever else needed my attention.

But, money was needed and with college payments starting up this year. medical bills a-mounting, and economic issues that are familiar to most Americans, convinced me I needed to find a dependable source of income.

I worked for the cosmetics departments of major department stores in my early 20’s, before I committing  my life to my husband and raising and loving 5 children. I sold Lancome, Shiseido, Halston and Calvin Klein, the last 2 which no-longer exist. It was an exciting and wonderful time in my life. I got to be part of a trendy and dynamic atmosphere. I had access to all the best fragrances, skin care products and latest colors. I supported myself pretty well, in this way.

I  wondered; would the industry want a 50 year old grandmother of 2? large_clinque-cosmetics

Could I swap out my paint pots for make-up pots? Fabric swatches for lipstick swatches?


Apparently so and now I will write of my adventures returning to the world of beauty. Hopefully, I will still be able to put color to furniture but this is a season of putting color to faces.


Debby said...

This economy has made us all do things to survive, that's for sure. What mall are you working at?
Headed to Broomfield on the 24th.
Happy Holidays.

Alicia said...

Good Luck! I'm sure you're going to have all kinds of new stories and people to blog about. Can't wait!