Sunday, June 14, 2009

The Twins are Here!

I missed the whole "hatching of the eggs". What a sweet and cozy family. I didn't know that doves liked to snuggle with their babies. When we've had nests before, they were robins and featherless babies. They even kicked them out of the nest before they should have. This is so much better!
I finally pulled out a step ladder to get a good look at the eggs in the nest and this is what I found.


Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness - I had baby doves this year, too! They nested in a hanging basket on my front patio. It was so much fun to watch them. Please do stop by for a visit! Happy Pink WEEK!

Cindy said...

Wow, that's cool that you had doves, too. Ours flew the coop but it was so fun having them.